What do you use your DT / OT MIDI sequencing for?

Hi! Im looking for a synth to add some melodic components to my DN + DT setup. Whats a good and cheap substractive synth to sequence from the DT? What do you use those 8 MIDI tracks for?

I‘ve currently got my Digitakt sequencing a Kawai MP11 with all three voices (Piano / EP / Strings) set to different Midi channels and DT tracks, an Dreadbox Erebus (awesome synth for leads and bass), a Dreadbox Nyx (awesome synth for pads and fx), a Moog Mother 32, a Moog Voyager (both Moogs borrowed from a friend), and an Elektron Analog Four Mk1 set to poly mode (although I rarely actually sequence that one via the DT).

If I would buy another monosynth today, I’d probably go for the Moog Grandmother as I think it sounds dope. For poly I’d look at DSI Rev2, Novation Peak, or Deckard’s Dream.

I never get tired of recommending the Dreadbox stuff, I feel it is fantastic value for money and their synths sound amazing. The Dreadbox Erebus V3 looks like a phenomenal deal with the three oscillators (V2 had two for the same price).


I sequence my 0Coast and Minitaur with a few midi tracks. I often use more than one midi track in a pattern. This gives me the option of muting/unmuting midi tracks to get different parts from the synths in one pattern, OR, gives me the option of using multiple midi tracks on the same synth with different track lengths for some unexpected results.

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I midi sequence OT with OT. :tongue:

I’m using my OT to sequence a DSI/Pioneer AS-1, an iPad, and VST synths in Ableton.

Blofeld. Multitimbral.

so many. but if you want good and cheap, Blofeld. I’ve never used one but they look pretty versatile.

Nord Modular. 4 outs into the 4 OT ins = perfect.

1st/2nd gen Nord Lead/Nord Rack can be found for pretty cheap these days. My 1st gen Nord Lead is hands down the best synth I’ve ever used.

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Reaktor , Uhe Re-Pro bundle…Ableton Operator and drum racks. My only hardware synth is a Roland SH01a. Love it. I can make any analogue style synth sound I want.

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depending on what you want to do musically, you should really have a look at the Blofeld.

relatively cheap, really versatile, multotimbral, Arpeggiator, FX, can do some really cool sounds (presets don’t do the machine justice), only downside: without the editor running on the Computer, programming patches is a PITA.


Depends on my set up, but I often use the Volca FM and DSI Evolver for more swinging house stuff while the Doepfer MS404 and MFB Nanozwerg for more straight driving stuff. Sometimes I also use it all together lol

The DSI can be easily set up for patch changes which is insanely convenient for long sets!