What is your reSampling gain strategy when saving?

I am in the beginning of my way with Octatrack, so, please excuse me if I am doing something wrong here.
Have read many posts here about track gain while resampling (maybe not enough?), but my question is more on organizing files.
So, I have a static machine on T1 and recording it on T2. All works great and I can reuse saved samples from any other project. I usually then copy new samples to my main sample directory in AUDIO.
My aim is to keep my samples directory as clean and organized as possible (synced to PC), so I don’t want *.ot files there.
The problem is that now I have the sample with reduced gain.
My options are resampling with higher gain or adding level while syncing with PC or change gain each time the file is loaded.
Is there a good way of keeping your library tidy?

Are you really sure you don’t want to use them ?

.ot files add +12db by default for recordings, so you loose 12db.

From my experience and some tests, if you want to add +12db to your record, you can set the track you want to record (T1) Amp Vol at +63.
You can decrease Level, it won’t change recording level. Level 64 is -12db compared to Level 127.

You can hear the same level with Main out if you set either :

  • Level 127 / Vol 0
  • Level 64 / Vol +63
  • Level 64 / Vol 0 /+12db in Attributes.

Recording level depends on Vol (and attributes, Fx), not on Level.


Please keep in touch ! It is really important.

Thank you, that is a great idea, I’ll definitely try that.
About the *.ot files, I prefer to have a raw sample and resample it if I stumble on a good effect chain and use these files only on project level

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In this case (with Vol 63) most source samples I have light red LEDs for recording. I guess there may be clipping this way.

Red light is a warning around - 12db. Doesn’t mean clipping.
Of course you have to be careful, especially with Fx and Attributes.


i think i’ll gonna tattoo that level list for main out leveling onto the back of my left hand, I always forget this simple thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A lot to tattoo considering gain staging!