What numbers do you like/know of that run through the params

I’ll start:

Reverb predelay:
128 = 1/4
112 = 3/16
96 = 1/8
64 = 1/16
32 = 1/64

VCO/cowbell: 4 = 1 semitone

Hold: close to steps, don’t know if yet

I might be wrong but it seems there’s lots of this,

What have you noticed or found out?

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Which device are you talking about?

Rytm, but they’re all similar aren’t they, or even the same? I assumed they were

I love the numbers it makes be think of colourful patterns and stuff

OT is an outlier wrt its numbering … but there’s a lot of synergies with the A4 and after

Hadn’t ever experimented with the A4/AR pre-delay but it’s interesting to see that it’s also (apparently) sequencer locked as the DN env delay parameter certainly is, this is extremely useful for pseudo delays and synced mods etc. It’s odd that Elektron don’t highlight this kinda stuff as I’m sure many will never appreciate that it exists


I’ve enjoyed looking for them myself tbh, it’s like a puzzle,

I’m very pattern oriented in lots of ways, so having numbers baked in like that really appeals

I don’t know if this is the case, but I think the knobs are analog, but the output is digital, so if you turn the knob really slowly, so it doesn’t change number, it still sounds like it’s changing. Caveat; I’d been up a long time making music by this point