What posture do you work in?

I’m curious how people position their bodies when they are working on music.

Do you stand mostly in one place? Stand but run around a lot?
Sit in one place? Sit on a rolly chair and move all over?
Sitting on a couch with something in your lap?
At the park?

Where and how do you position yourselves when you’re working on music, why and what ‘style’ of music do you make?

back in the days when i was a teenager… I was sitting behind a desk and a computer…
The older I got, the more i got into playing hardware… so the desk got bigger and higher… until the point i could stand behind it and jump up and down while jamming.
I got even older, the studio got bigger… so at that time i was dancing between all my gear, running around from machine to machine… Got more old… smaller studio… back to the jumping again… I saw the first grey hair this morning… and the majority of the time. i sit at the kitchentable with a laptop… except when i wanna feel like a kid…

then you find me jumping behind a high-desk with my elektrons on top… partying like it was 1999…

Obviously the wrong one.

My back’s killing Me.

^ yeah same here.

the worst is when the table/desk is relatively low, being hunched over the gear.
2nd worst is with the desk a bit higher, standing upright, but neck bent down to look at displays etc.

need to be more careful… a problem is, being absorbed by tweaking params it’s so easily forgotten for how many minutes (hours?) one has been in a pose like that…

Got a Krautrock crouch
and a synthesizer spine…

I bought a Quik Lok keyboard stand, where the upper part can be angled because I was having problems with my neck, and it certainly helped.

You might be able to see how it works in the this video :slight_smile:

…but I also love playing on the floor, but my back definitely doesn’t agree with that :frowning:

my dream is to find a comfy position to make beats laying down in bed but i havent been able to find it yet

This one is my favorite :smiley:

What model of Quik Lok keyboard stand is it?

I finally got a flight case/pedal board with all my gear neatly placed inside of it. Just waiting on a small tiny mixer to bring it all together. I don’t seem to have anything in my house that’ll hold at an appropriate height.

Live posture. The pelican cases make for great riser so that we have to do little hunching.

When at home I like to take them out of the eit1 and use them 1 at a time on my lap.
I find that this is the most comfortable and I almost get better results in this fashion. Especially for patch design. I do very little production work these days as our live shows are all improv, so I don’t find myself organizing my desk as much these days. If I want everything going, I tend to set up at home, as if in a live setting.

It’s a Quiklok QL742. The upper part can take a lot of weight, so I use that for my flight case and just a MIDI keyboard on the lower part…

At first glance, I thought you were going down a water slide at an amusement park with your OT. I was like “damn- this guy’s punk rock about his electronics”.

Haha, see what you mean. That’s a good idea for a music video

hunched in a semi foetal position… hence the name

:sob: Sitting on a stool hunched over.

Standing, so that I can dance around a bit when I make something groovy.

maybe a good position to play post-industrial suicidal music

At first glance, I thought you were going down a water slide at an amusement park with your OT. I was like “damn- this guy’s punk rock about his electronics”.[/quote]
Waterslide… I got a good laugh on that one.

Right now my ot is vertical at about eye level at my desk. I’m not sure that’s where it will stay though.

I recently got a battery for my mnm and it’s been nice to move about the house easily with it. I’ve also gone on a few bike rides with it.

^ here’s my current setup. the standing desk has been good, but the seat i have for it tends to swivel to the left all the time. overall, i prefer standing though. waiting on a small basic mixer to install (velcro) inside before i can start moving it around the house and other places to play. the flight case is pretty huge and unwieldy though.