What you can (and can't) do with a MDUW

Hi there,

By way of introduction (although some will know me from the old forum), I would like to play you my latest track.

Originated on MD - including the guitar bits of course - and tested in a live setting, the original track seemed too traditional for my taste so I did an unreal amount of processing (manually) on the computer. Still, I think it belongs here.

Check it out here:


And this is the basis version of that track with just some MD tampering, pretty much a live take:



Wow, I really liked this! Care to tell us a bit more about what you did here?

good to see you here!

liked listening to them together … both were quite cool but i really dug the rework, not least cos the higher frequencies had more brightness to them. terrific rhythms the whole way through.

I will be happy to tell you more about the process… a bit later!

Yes, it took me a while to actually find out that the previous forum had been shut down, and to look where everybody went :slight_smile:
Stay tuned for more Ae-inspired staccato stuff very soon - will post a wip soon.

Very nice. Staccato funk jams. The guitar sounds particularly lovely.

Great stuff I must say - nice guitar work too.
Just followed you on Soundcloud by the way and will catch up on more of your material later.

Cheers guys.
Another brand new tune is now up:


You’re really on a roll these days :+1:

Yes, at the expense of lots of more important things left undone… :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in new stuff:
A guitar-only/no-MD track is now up as part of the Disquiet Junto: