What's in your +Drive right now?

Thought it might be a fun idea to see what you guys have loaded into your Digitakts.

At the minute, I’ve got:

California Drums Sound Pack
2323 Sound Pack
Every Rytm Sound Pack released
Samplified LoFi and Chill
A selection of Legowelt Juno 106 and DX samples
Vinyl rips (From funk & soul to more modern stuff like Mac DeMarco)

And finally… some BassStation 2 and Minilogue patches that I’ve recorded to make the Digitakt a standalone studio.

What are you using? Anything interesting? Just looking for some more inspiration.


On my digi +drive I’ve got
Moddub sound pack
Drum enthusiasts sound pack
Wave forms from Oxford overdrive sound pack
Sonys arrhythmia drum and drones
Vinyl stabs
Volca fm and Volca keys recordings
One other sample back called minimal logic that I think is from cluster sounds

Still have a lot of room to add stuff as well. Got a hand ful of synths I am planning on sampling into it.

100% preset

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Not much at all beside the factory content. A shorter sample or two from the 0-Coast, some weird loop I made with an app called Yellofier (which everyone using an iOS device should check out, excellent slicer and glitcher-upper app:).

I’m waiting until librarian(s) and backup becomes available before really committing to it. But I’m in no rush.

I am however prepping loads of content that will go inside the Digitakt. I have so many (one shot) drum samples from 60s/70s/80s vinyls that I’ve collected over the years. I could put thousands upon thousands of drum samples in the Digitakt, reasonably well sorted into folders with a naming structure. But I kinda stopped myself in the tracks here, I’m simply just not going to use all these drum sounds. Ever. So I’m weeding out a “smaller” number of drums I know I’ll use at least at some point.

I’m doing the same process with all kinds of vinyl cuts, licks etc. I’m also searching out more ethnic oriented stuff as well as ethnic vocals, the funky shit there’s plenty of, but I’m a sucker for everything ethnic so…

More electronic oriented drum content (from your typical 808/909s to more out-there stuff) is also waiting for the USB cable to arrive.

Single cycle waves and wavetable-ish content.

So perhaps all in all around 350mb of base content that will stay permanently in the Digitakt.

a bunch of vocal non sequiturs from various podcasts I listen to.


I just filled it with some TR606 samples from here https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2014/03/13/roland-tr-606-samples/

Good shout on the legowelt samples I’m yoinking them right now!

Goldbaby 808/909, some jazzy Raw Kutz stuff and a bunch of chord stabs from whoknowswhere. AKWF of course.

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!llmind - blap kit 1, 2 & 6
drumbroker - alkota gems from the crates, essential kicks, essential snares
goldbaby - cassette 808, fat 909 & tape 606
kicks and snares - foundation drums, monster drums, southern comfort drums
MSX-II - building blocks, sammich kit 1 & 6

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Wow I have most of these on mine too!

In addition I have

Mr ozio sample kit
Lots of my own samples from iPad/Reason/reaktor
Splice.com samples (many)

I forgot I got the gold baby cassette 808 on mine too. It’s one of my favorite sets.

What sort of single cycle waves and wavetable-ish -type content? Similar to the factory sounds, or different quality?

The single cycle waveforms are the ones from adventurekid, someone on here tuned them all to C note and uploaded, I can’t remember who right now but that’s the pack I got (can check later where to download those).

The wavetable-ish stuff are just slightly longer snippets of audio with various multiple cycles. You can use them as your typical single cycle waveforms, then use p-locks/lfos to move/position the “playhead” throughout a pattern to get some variations going on and whatnot. I’ve made my own when making presets for Waldorf and a few other synths, and I got others scattered all over, but I haven’t begun collecting and sorting through any of it yet.


My digitakt is cram-packed with the internet! (so are my OT and OP-1)

It’s so easy to sample into that my computer is usually running through it into my mixer. I rarely listen to anything that doesn’t go through the DT/OT/OP-1 first… just in case.

vocal bits from interviews, cartoons…
sound demos from new synths, vst instruments/soundpacks that i don’t want to buy…
tons of free sound packs that are scattered across the web (just the chosen sounds from said packs)
found sounds from my phone’s field recordings and Hainbach-inspired micro cassette recordings
lots of resamples

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I love that 2323 sound pack. I downloaded this donate only sound pack that is a huge collection of drum machines I picked a few from (Mattel drum machine, Linn drum, mini pops, etc).

I also use a lot of samples from my previous recordings that are really loose and usually have a moog voyager/werkstatt/arp odyssey. I made a drum kit out of sounds I recorded from the arp odyssey

I recorded this guy claiming to speak alien languages for a 60’s british tv show for an intro sample, I like using alleged recordings of extra terrestrial sounds/strange atmosphere noises etc

now you’re speaking my language

wow these are great samples! thanks for sharing

Yup and they are free! I also like the way there’s not too many. The 606 sounds so retro & futuristic at the same time. Definitely keeping this set on my digi

If you like sampling vocal snippets/phrases, then this David Lee Roth interview is fucking gold.