What's the best way to route the octatrack in setup?

Would anyone be so kind as to advise me on the best way to route and record the OT mkii in my setup?
I use a RME Ufx+ with a ferrofish A32 connected via madi.
My instruments are A4 mkii, AR mk ii and OT mkii. All hardware outputs are connected to inputs of A32.
I am running ableton 10, which sends midi clock (via audio) to Multiclock.
The Multiclock has an AR on channel 1. OT on channel 2. A4 on channel 3. Channel 4 free.
When I start Live 10, everything runs in sync.

I would like to :

  1. record main output with OT
  2. Swap to that recording.
  3. Change some tracks in Live 10 whilst the OT is still playing.
  4. Swap back from OT recording back to Live 10 main out.

Can anyone please advise on the best way to route the audio in an out of OT please?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.:pray:

A4 to Ableton
Ableton to AB
AR to CD

Thats how I would do it

Thanks Skurdd,

Ok, so I record A4 + Ableton via AB,
Record AR via CD,

How do I then swap from hearing the main out of Ableton, to hearing OT main out, (playing AB) and cue out (playing CD), back to the main out of Ableton?

Use scenes to mute and unmute your respective tracks and use the fader to choose which track is being heard/playing what.

Check out EZBOT on YouTube, he has tons of tutorials specifically on what you’re looking to do in the Octa which I think might help you tremendously.

Thanks sfritzon,

Will definitely check Ezbot out.
I’ve been making tracks using only A4, AR and Ableton.
I’m trying to find the best way to transition from track to track using the OT.

I like Using the Sub Outs on my mixer to go to A/B and C/D on the OT.