What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 1)

Korg 707. Trying to compose dreamy 80s songs in conjunction with my BigSky.
(Any recommendations?)


Roland R8 or Boss 550?? been a while since I owned the oldies but R8 I am certain of the boss unit I owned had awesome options.

For me I tried out Roland TR8s … GULP!! DO NOT BUY the unit is “fun” but it ends there its for kidies and acb is a joke everyone of us knows you stick those modules through external stuff otherwise it sounds like crap just give us the sample loading option. Hopefully elektron offer a DTmk2 with 16 tracks and a sister module with drum synthesis id buy both instantly.

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My latest purchase was a Beatstep Pro. I intend to use it primarily as a means to sequence my old Roland SH-09. My main reason for buying it was that I needed another MIDI-to-CV converter that I could dedicate to the SH-09, but figured why not get a good set of sequencers in the bargain? I have the original Beatstep and a Keystep, and they’ve been fun to play around with, so why not complete the triptych?


My lastest purchase was an 88 keys hammer action midi keyboard (Studiologic SL 88 Studio). It’s has the same keybed which is used in the NI Komplete Kontrol 88 MK2, but for 40% of the price.

It will be mainly used for orchestrial stuff (recreational media scoring) with Spitfire libraries. And after 30 years I still stick to the hope I can get better at live playing … :wink:


My last purchase was bitranger from bastl instruments. Very fun to play and creative little beast. I’m clocking it with digitakt, to get some weird rhytmic grooves noises.


TR-8 and TB-3 just for the proverbial hell of it. The prices were too good to pass on. I’ve got plenty of analog, so I’m bolstering the digital a bit. (Beyond the Elektrons)

My intentions are honorable. :stuck_out_tongue:


Jeff Mills new label release instant inspiration can’t wait


Push 2 a holiday gift for moi


I think my last purchase was my Mackie 1202vlz4 mixer, either that or my Yamaha HS8S sub. The sub’s role is obvious and the mixer was for being able to run hardware gear without turning on my computer/interface, as a way to route things into the OT for sampling and to external fx, and just for general routing purposes for audio experiments. I love trying out all the different ways to route audio signals through multiple devices…

This was in really early 2015. Between my 2 Elektrons, Moog, iPad, computer, theremin, guitar, mic, and some fx, seems I have years and years of stuff to explore…


Shure SM7B. My intention is to record doubles for a song I’m working on and also eventually use it for all vocals in the future.

Buying microphones isn’t very fun :frowning:


It’s sort of a boring purchase. My last purchase was also a mic (Sennheiser 935), to record my own vocals for the first time in 30 years of music making :smile:
It’s not going to be pretty so I’ll put it through vocoders and processors to make in unrecognizeable :wink:


Mostly non-synth purchases for me, but relevant.

Minirig v1 that I found cheap on Gumtree for kitchen/front yard/park jams with my OP-Z. Great speaker, glad I didn’t go for the mainstream options, as it sounds much better than the similar sized Sony/Bose/JBL etc brands!

Teensy v3.6 so I can make little-scale’s USB-MIDI to CV interface, which I plan to adapt into a mechanical percussion setup.

Step by Step: Adventures in Sequencing with Max/MSP because I want to actually make an effort with Max and it should inspire me, hopefully!


Roland SH01A, because all the music I’m making at the minute is from the classic “Roland” era and I wanted to sound a bit more of that era. I was supposed to get a Neutron but the patch memory and sequencer just nudged the Roland in front.

So is most of my music.


Olegtron 4060 mk2 which i know is mainly just a 4060 IC breakout box wrapped up in a nice interface, but I’m pretty excited to use it in conjunction with a softpop and some bread boarded logic stuff.

I’ve been doing some noisy sessions with the softpop and then cutting that up in Ableton and putting it in a 128 pad drum rack. Then it can be played on a push or sequenced with an octatrack or a max4live sequencer for some interesting semi-generative results. It’s also interesting to send that same midi track to a drum rack and see the results.

I really like the idea of a 2 phase process in which you make a mess out of things (conflict) and then order and reorder those things (conflict resolution).


Digitakt. Mostly just using for beatmaking experimentation as it’s my first piece of hardware kit, and using as a sequencer for iPad software synths as well as Max for visuals/sound processing.


Analog Heat MK2 plus Ventris reverb and Nemesis delay. Just about improving sound quality.


Repurchased the DT with an SP404A. It was my favorite hardware set up and I had to sell in times of financial crisis, and now that I could afford them again I got them as an early birthmas present.


this yellow beauty.
bought it as a spare brain (i mean sequencer) for my live rig, but still reading its manual like a science fiction.


Opz - I bought it to make songs with and intend on sending it’s midi tracks to iOS synths at times to keep it sounding fresh.

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Bought the OP-Z but sent it back. Too “blips” for me. So my latest purchase was the OT mk2.
I had an mk1 a few years ago but sold it since I lost my patience with its quirkyness (I persevered for two years).
…but, there is nothing like the OT. It’s a perfect hub, seq and mixer for a small setup. The mk2 is also an extremely beautiful machine.