What's your workflow like with your Elektron box(es)?

So, you are about to start a session. You switch on your gear. Then what?

Maybe you start with a simple drum loop on the RYTM/DT? Or you lay down a random melody on the A4? Sound design first, maybe? Or perhaps you start with a sample you just recorded from vinyl?

When and why do you decide on a certain pattern tempo? What do you do after you have a basic idea going on, how do you proceed?

Which Elektron box(es) do you have? Do you use them all, in every session? Which one would you like to add next, and how would it benefit your workflow?

I’d be interested to hear how everyone approaches a music session.

I usually start by noodling on my bass guitar. This gives me some sort of idea of which key and tempo I’m going to focus on.

After that, the bass guitar goes away and I tap the tempo into my DT. I’ll lay down a basic kick pattern and then record the bassline that I came up with earlier into my A4.

From that point, I’m locked into a certain tempo and key. It makes it so much easier to come up with melodies and lead parts when you’ve imposed some restrictions. Then I can start experimenting with effects, creating cool rhythms on the DT and dropping in some vocal samples.


Starting with a bass guitar, that’s a good way to start things rolling!

Do you create a bass patch or go through presets?