When you're hitting a drought

Thanks for for introducing me to the London gang @Old_Artsutanov

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That sounds great, I def want to be involved!
Is @Naboo the real Naboolio?



One thing I find helpful for when I have a dearth of creativity is to set some arbitrary boundaries. You come up with some pretty neat stuff when you are trying to push something to its limits.

Some examples of this would be to use the same sample on all 8 tracks or use only 4 of the 8 tracks altogether. There are other examples of this above which work in this ethos but again, I feel that the root of them all is experimentation. For me I found that once I got over the idea of some repeatable workflow, I was a lot more productive.


The Dennis DeSantis book is a good source for such ideas.


Hope your gig went well at the chequers. im local too, so up for beers some time.