Where is the DVCO machine on mk1 OS 1.45B? [Resolved]

I’ve had my Rytm packed up for over a year while trying to fix up a house and so I’m rather rusty on the whole confusing kits/sounds/loading “flow” (which I never quite had a handle on in the first place tbh), but after updating to 1.45B I don’t see any Dual VCO sounds? The only sound tagged “bass” is one FM kick. Am I stupid or did something go wrong?

What are the steps to load the DVCO to say pad SD2?

Double tap the Synth button and select the DVCO machine. IIRC it’s only available on the bottom row of pads.


I was in the sounds browser and I guess there are no presets for it.

Another way I discovered 10 mins ago is Sound/Sound Settings/Machine.

Double click is so much faster! Thanks Hans!

I just got an AR1 and that Cuckoo mega vid was really helpful for learning to navigate the thing if you need a refresher. It was super long though, so I watched a lot of it at 1.5 speed.

I think there are a couple, I meant this one.