Where’s Jexus?

I miss this dude.
He’s friggin nuts :loopy:
If you are listening Jexus, YouTube’s been boring since you left mate


He’s always on Gearslutz

Ah that is probably one of my all time favourite synth demos!

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Love that strange tension in the way his hands swing back and forth.

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This bit… extraordinarily beautiful, the footage is perfect. One of those bits of music I wish would carry on much longer. I find myself looking this up and listening to it from time to time.


Yes! I noticed it first in the NL3 video… wasn’t sure if it was a joke at first. Those hovering, anxious looking, sometimes dancing hands :slight_smile:

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My favourites are his 3 videos for the Nord lead 2x. Totally insane


Love the Terminator strings at 8:10

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Yep those NL2X videos are amazing…

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My favourite is Sound Trip


How about an Elektronaut Challenge to create a full track that elaborates on this bit? Sample it, recreate aspects from scratch - you name it…

…then ask Jexus to drop by and choose a winner!

I’m sure he’d be chuffed to see the affection a lot of us have for his work (beyond YouTube likes) and the creativity it has inspired.


That’s a reet good idea. I’ve often thought about trying to work out the chords he’s playing so I recreate it in some way, but I never got around to it and don’t really have the music/keyboard chops for it. I wonder if anyone reading this would be able to do it?

He certainly didn’t hurt my chances of getting my MEK when I watched that clip.

Dude is just as much a video editing/producing genius as he is a synth player.

We will know it soon


Good catch. I still watch his videos.

that man personally made me spend thousands of dollars on synthesizers. I hope he stays in hiding.

(just kidding. would love to see more Jexus videos.)


Part 2! Where is part 2? :slight_smile:

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Apparently Bo Beats is supposed to be doing something on YT with Jexus soon. Can’t say I’m a Bo fan but Jexus is great.

I’m pretty convinced they’ll drink coffee