Where to find some great Toms?

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I am thrilled with the kicks, snares, cymbals, hats, etc., but struggle with Toms that sound great in a mix. I have Loop Loft, That Sound, Woodshed and a bunch of others…

Any suggestions appreciated.



My guess it’s because frequency are very closed to the Kick especially for the Bass Tom. Try acoustic one or lower in pitch a Mid Tom and put a bit of Overdrive to it then… Try a Filter to remove some of the Low Frequency on Electronic Tom can help too as it will make room for the Kick without too much frequency clash.

Try Micro-Timing so it’s not that much on the exact same position to the Kick. Micro-Timing before or After and then choose the groove effect will suit better to your track… generally i prefer before… but sometimes after work better.

Tuning your Toms well is very important too. (when you sound design them)

There’s a crazy deal on Sample FROM MARS with plenty


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Mr. William_WiLD,

I really appreciate the suggestions. I will give them a try this weekend.

Thanks Brother!!

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Thanks lionstone.

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To elaborate a bit more, my toms seem to have a slight latency that I never experienced using my old Boss DR-880. I don’t have this issue with my Kick, Snare, or anything else, just toms.

So micro timing can fixed that i think… then you can Rework the Attack of the Synthesis …
Sometimes it’s too long decay and release giving that feel of a delay, because the sound loose himself opposed to the general groove

If you use sample check your sample maybe there’s some silence at the beginning … if it’s that change the sample player position to a better timing :wink:

You can eat a bit of attack maybe it will not be heard too much, and make things proper on beat

I don’t know anything about micro timing, but I will pursue it.

Yes, I am using Loop loft samples. Not sure how to fix any possible silence though…

If sample Tom loosed a bit compared to other sound try first to fix any silence in the beginning of the file with STA parameter (you should be satisfied with that… then try micro-timing)


If it’s working FIX your sample :wink: and re-import them in the RYTM so it won’t happen again :wink:


Micro Timing is Page 41 you shift your Tom Trigs to the left :wink:
If Sample START parameter doesn’t fix your issue

Page 41


Thanks for this detailed help William.

I just got to wondering if a small part of my issue with toms has anything to do with panning. I pan my toms left to right…

Excellent. Will try this. :slight_smile:

I like the toms in gold babys 909 sample packs…tape 909…super 909.

Obv they are from the 909 but then beefed up :wink:

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