Wheres the best place for selling guitars?

i’d put it up here but I think id be waiting a while with it being an electronic music forum. where do people have the best luck selling guitars online? its a spotless fender strat EOB for reference

AudioFanzine in France is the best way. I wonder if the UK/US part of it works that well.

cheers, ill have a look. think ill throw it on here anyway just in case

Sometimes I think about selling my krautster 2. But in opposite to my electronic devices I can’t emotionally. Only device that is similar ist my MD.

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I used to be the exactly same but these days I don’t get too attached to anything, theres always another cool thing out there to try so it doesn’t bother me dropping something. if I use something a lot it stays, if not then it goes. its all wood metal and screws at the end of the day