Which monophonic synth would you pair with DT and DN?

I’m currently looking into Dreadbox NYX but I’m curious to know what you think. If there may be some options I have overlooked.

Cheapest solution: load single cycle waveforms to your DT. If that doesn’t cut it: SH01a, Sub37, Monologue, Shruthi, TB03. Dreadbox Erebus. Take your pick. Or maybe let us know what you’re looking for.


Monologue. Sounds great, good fun, interesting sequencer, and pretty good keys for playing your DN.


Id suggest something that has keys so that you have something that can also control the DT/DN for note input. Monologue, Bass station, Sub Phatty, SE-02 with the keyboard.

I used to use a Waldorf Pulse 2. That’s a pretty nice synth for leads and the bass can get into that low, rumble range.

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The little Boutique keyboard dock is nice to enter notes into a sequencer, and it’s better than nothing, but it’s way below what you get on the other options mentioned.

I picked up a monologue yesterday locally for £125. It sounds great and is more flexible than it looks at first glance. Was originally gonna sell it on at a profit but I might actually keep it.

Good point. I would like something that is everything the A4 isn’t. I don’t mean that in a way to talk bad about the A4, I love it. But I need something that just sounds very good (good filters, possibly good internal fx) and I don’t need a fancy sequencer. Does that make sense? I wouldn’t mind if it’s not much bigger than the DT either.

It seems sweet indeed. The D-05 too. What about the NYX, though? Thoughts on it?

Thanks for your answer. Is it like a Minilogue but mono or does it sound better?

@Cepheid That’s interesting. The size is appealing too. Just like the Slim Phatty. Why did you use to use it and not anymore if I may ask?

Behringer Neutron.

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The one thing that really got my juices flowing about the Nyx was the reverb. I don’t have one, mind you. The Monologue indeed is a great deal. It can sound really nasty.

I had purchased the Digitone and was short on funds from the purchase, so I had to sell some gear. The Pulse 2 was put on the chopping block as I was using it for bass mostly and I have other synths that can do bass well. Though I did delve into it’s arpeggiator and was using it for some gnarly leads before I sold it and it was great fun!

The Pulse 2 Has a killer sound, deep arpeggiator, nice analog filter, but I truly wanted something with more knobs. I was also experiencing some midi issues with it and I was getting a lot of stuck notes, but that was more an issue with how I had it setup. It wasn’t defective or anything. I currently purchased a Novation BS II to replace it and am excited to see how it differs.


0Coast. It’ll give you a much different sound than your DN and it will be great sample fodder for the DT.


Toraiz AS-1.

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My vote always goes to the Shruthi.
No FX though… And no keys - but amazing sound, smallest foot print, presets, cc control, nice mod matrix…
I actually had an Analog Four for a while and was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t make deep, smooth bass tones as easy as with the Shruthi.
I actually made a thread about it not so long ago, called “the glory of Shruthi’s bass” or something like that:nerd_face:


In my case I opted for a TB-03 for the acidic sound.
I’m not an analog purist so I don’t care if it isn’t a perfect clone of the 303, but I wanted that kind of sound ready to go, especially the slides, that the Digitone cannot do without long programming.


Another vote for Monologue: Great sound, f*cking great sequencer, great keybed, great look, battery-operated :heart_eyes:

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AS-1 forever

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