Which Sampler in production has best Lofi/Tape/BoC distorted compressed Fx built in

Just talking about ones in Production here due to reliability. And the built in FX.

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Equipment BoC


i found the digitone sounds really Bocish okay its not a Sampler but gets very close to them.

I have no suggestion for a sampler but for a synth and a pedal
Other than that… a tape recorder probably

& almost any synth that can modulate pitch with a lfo



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Fieldscaper iOS app.

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Cheers. A Yamaha An1x with OT effects may pull it off.

OG Roland SP-404 or a Gotharman Synth/Sampler

To Lo-Fi my sound, one the things I do these days is batch process all my drum hits from 24/48 to whatever the lowest I can get them to just before they sound like complete garbage then send them to either my OT or DT, add additional bit reduction crunch to taste.


or the cheap version with a reface cs

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Yes ive seen both at work on youtube. Im thinking exactly the same. Would the OT work do you think? Or would i need something else in the chain? Theres a couple of Yamaha An1x on ebay. I must say its one of the best sounding synths ive ever heard.

I guess yes. Sure, it has so many effects. I think I read somewhere that they resample a lot. Some tape sounding pedal, plugin or real tape would help I guess.
It just has to sound lofi. And wobbly vibrato, just a lot of slow pitch modulation.
In every youtube video where you hear a patch with lfo to pitch modulation on any synth, you read BOC in the comments,

I never tried one of these, many people seem to love it. I’m just suggesting the reface cs cause it derived from the An1x sound engine. And it’s only about 300 euro.

But I assume you already have a synth. Really you can do similar sounds on any synth.
Digitone and A4 are both great for BOC vibes e.g.

Check this video with the deepmind.
Kaini Industries

Everything you do is a balloon

Orange Romeda, Roygbiv, Turquoise Hexagon Sun,

Northern Plastics

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TAL Sampler


ahh. I always wanted to try this

Ive just been talking to the man who uploaded these videos after downloading his BOC ableton pack which is amazing. Really decent guy who explained to me how they got their sound. It would be nice to have a hardware only approach. I know its going just for self gratification emulating other groups. But ive given up on pleasing others in music and its a self indulgent hobby for me. I was just wondering about how much you can push the fx filters on hardware. Or is it just a lot of resampling. I know the OT has lofi effects but havent seen a video of anyone using it(yet) to get that BOC sound. I have seen a lot of synth instruments though doing the leads. The best ive seen is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0PCmypJmt3M

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Run anything through OTO bim and it passes through the 12 bit AD. It has the capability to make any signal lofi, plus the delay is pretty nice.


I font know about BoC sound but the Bastl Thyme is exactly that - lofi (can do clean also) tape delay paradygm with bit crusher and all the delay based fx like flange etc. It has also lfo with envelope follower, really cool unit. Here’s a quick play with it and my DT https://youtu.be/DjDngL4Pvm4


AudioWarp on Kontakt Hub has a BoC bundle as well as Retcon, which is another BoC inspired thing:


Octatrack. Although my sampler experiences are limited I have been able to achieve certain things that tape love can give.

  1. (And this is a biggie) Pitch sliders
  • when I bounce to tape I am always fiddling with the pitch slider. This adds that wavey wow and flutter wobbly aspect. If you record a synth into the Octatrack you can use the slider to achieve similar results.
  1. The samples are always grainy. This week I have been rinsing my OB6 into the Octatrack as I have band try outs this Saturday.

  2. Nothing beats hardware. For the band try outs for a shoe gaze type of genre I should DEFINITELY take my OB6 and VF-1 using the RE 201 Space Echo sim. It’s untouchable. The OB6 or most sythns will get a great sound but the post processing is where it’s at for these types of sounds.

Because of the post processing, only a sampler will not suffice (from my knowledge)

I assume you are talking about the whole package - both synths and drums.

How many samplers have built in FX? What are the effects? I think those questions will lead you to your answers. The SP404 I think has a vinyl effect that people rave about.

The Octatrack will be able to add the wobbles with its fader, and in addition it will be able to dirty up the drums through various effects and add chorus to your synths. PutTing an LFO on the synth tracks L/R balance is something I love to do to cascading pluck sounds that are going in and out of tune.

Oh, and I watched a video on the Empress Zoia. It looks like you could do everything with that. I think it samples? Why are you specifically looking for a sampler, mate?