Which should I learn first? Monomachine or Machinedrum?

Question for all the veteran MnM and MD users. I got both just now :grinning:. Which one is easier to learn the Elektron way with? What I mean is, which is easier to get deep into, therefor hopefully accelerating my learning of the second machine. I would rather spend some time learning one for a few weeks/month, then adding box #2.

(I got the SFX60+ and the non-UW MD.)


I found the Machinedrum much easier of the two. I think drum machines are a bit easier to grasp, in general, and I can get myself to a working beat more easily than I can get a good synth pattern going on. The Monomachine has a few more advanced tricks, plus things like the arpeggiator.

I got both of these earlier this year and still feel more comfortable with the MD than the MnM. (MD is also what I got first, so that may have something to do with it, and I have spent more time with it).

Machinedrum is really where The Elektron Way started - all other Elektron boxes (except for SidStation, obviously) have grown out of what started there.

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i got both roughly at the same time (very recently) and i couldn’t imagine putting one away to favour the other. both are so similar and go so well together i reckon using both at the same time is straight forward enough.

MD first. It’s simpler, sounds great very easy.
Now when you get your groove and need a line or chords or alien sounds on top, go fetch the Mono.


i agree with the folks above who suggest learning machinedrum first, in part for this reason. elektron’s sequencer evolved and progressed from md to mnm to ot, as they were developed in that order. (a4 and ar as well i suspect, but i don’t own them.) once you’ve mastered the older instrument you’ll find it a natural progression to tackle the newer one.


That was my thinking. Machinedrum is on the desk to learn.

Thanks all

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No harm in learning both at the same time. They are quite similar in architecture.


i got the machinedrum and the monomachine not that long ago, but i’m absolutely hooked and thinking of selling my Sp404sx to be able to afford and octatrack MKi. Do you think learning all three at once is to much? I’m aware that the octatrack is quite difficult to learn, and i’m afraid to buy one and not using it for quite some time… because of that i don’t know, if i should do it or better wait until i’ve “mastered” the MD and the MnM… would be sad if there’s something better/cheaper on the market then…

what do you think?

That is more about you and your preferences than the gear; how are you doing with the MD and MM?


Thanks for your reply!

I’m just jamming/exploring and trying out yet and i have the feeling that i’m using them way under their possibility, but i have a lot of fun - until something happens that wasn’t intended lol. Like when everything is gone and i don’t know what happened. :joy: Sometimes i’m not sure if it’s on me or if it’s due to some damage/bugs inside of the machines… but i think i really have to get used to them to know that for sure. There are so many possibilities and workflows that i didn’t try out yet (Also i haven’t really understand the saving process or the userwave-implementation - i have the MDUW+ and MnM MKII. Didn’t really try it though. Hope it’s gonna work with SysEx as i’m using Catalina already). But i love the sound and p’locking and the daw-less feeling. I also love to produce with ableton but i’d love to have the possibilty to do everything with hardware (or doing both). since i got the MD and the MD i didn’t make any “finished” tracks, i just jammed with them and recorded into ableton. Maybe there are a few jams which i will finish in ableton…

Things disappearing in the MnM could possibly be because you didn’t save your kit. I tend to save a kit per pattern.

The MDUW and the MM both have a lot in common with the OT, and the OT is based on the MDUW’s ROM and RAM machines so you could go a long way without an OT.

Also, the OT is going to be available for purchase for a long time to come, so no need to rush.

There is the free SysEx Librarian software available that will allow you to save and reload your SysEx on Catalina.

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Thanks! Could be… but unfortunately not always. It happened that the Arp was gone after stoping and replaying the pattern… or that there’s no arp when in recording mode. Don’t know, but maybe i haven’t really got how it works lol

Thank you very much, loving this community <3

I actually think that has happened to me. I just restart. Wonder what it is.

Thank you so much!

oh damn… but “good” to know… don’t get me wrong haha, i’m just glad that it seemes like a common bug and no specific issue with my unit

I just see it as another quirky thing the MnM does. As for buying a OT. I would concentrate on what you have for now. This winter I spent about three months just learning the MnM alone, no other gear. If you get the MnM, it will make it easier to learn the OT like @PeterHanes said. They have similar structures.

Alright, thank you very much, i think i have to handle my GAS and concentrate on these two beauties haha!
and i think i have to get used to the fact that these machines are acting a bit crazy sometimes…

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I bought a lot of gear at the same time, including the mnm, mduw and OT Mk1, and it is great to own them but I do struggle with more than two boxes at once if I am honest. My OT is unfortunately often neglected. You can go a long way with 2 boxes. More if you can afford the luxury. Everyone’s experience and ability is different though!

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Yeah, I like to learn one piece of gear at a time. I spent a long time with just the OT + AH. With the MnM… I would suggest really messing with the filters and the gainstaging (gain staging meaning how many ways within the chain there is to gain and turn down the volumes)… And the ARP is super funky. The MnM Arp is similar to the OT’s, but again kinda quirky and if you learn that you will be very familiar with the OT’s Arp. Other similar thing with the OT, is thru tracks and effects tracks. Very similar. Very modular like.