Which to buy first - Digitakt or Digitone

My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

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I love my little digitakt so much I want to buy another one, that and a preenfm2 to machines that play well together, I might even shell out cash for a mk1octa if the prices go down even more lol which ever comes first


Honestly my dream setup that I’m working towards is a Digitakt for percussion sequencing, Push 2 for pads/accents/arps, and a Make Noise B&G system for beautiful insanity.


The digitakt is a great little drum synth now that it has some more lfo options. I need to get my octa set up, it’s currently awaiting it’s owner to have enough cash to fix the cf slot. I bent a pin a while back and well as luck has it, no job atm. It’s supasad days.

Digitakt first. Why? Digitone is at its best when it is not trying to be a drum machine. Digitakt beats it at that, easily. With drums out of the way Digitone can focus on beautiful tones and pads, scary hits, intresting sounds, etc… It will take you places that Digitakt cannot go, but not if you are trying to turn it into just another drum machine.

got both. Sold my digitakt and bought a 1010 Blackbox. Still liked the Digitakt a lot, but only 8 tracks audio (mono) vs 16 tracks (stereo) without limit on lenght…plus my desk is already cluttered. On top you have Overbridge (meaning a computer nearby) vs 6x Stereo out …

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Digitakt. Great drums. 8 tracks. Sample in any sound or 4 bar loop. Requires a source of said sounds and loops.

Digitone. Great drums. 4 tracks. Create long, deep, evolving sounds with Great variety.

Which do you want to do more? I went Digitone first.

Digitakt first here , but I liked it so much that I instantly got a used digitone the following month. I’d say the takt is something useful in every situations, the digitone is more specialised, but still great.