White Noise

Probably a beginner question as well (I have no DAW experience, there I assume would be easier). In many electronic/technl/dub tracks you hear a subtle white noise background. It can even be heard sidechain compressed with the kick. Anyway, what’s the best way to implement if I use mainly Elektron gear? Octatrack is the headquarters but sometimes when using other synths, I just go into interface or into my Mackie. Thanks!

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If you need white noise with OT, you can sample static then normalize, @sezare56 explains this in details somewhere.

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Have a white noise sample and use an LFO to emulate ‘sidechain’ ducking or what ever movement you want.

You can make your own white noise sample by sample the inputs with nothing plugged in, then normalise the sample.

Or, you can use what ever sample you like, it doesnt matter Add filters, lofi effect or others until you degrade the sound to noise. Resample that. Add filters to it afterwards, LFO the filter repeat ad infinitum if you want.

The only limit is your imagination.



I think using inputs ABCD with live rec/play makes the noise alive, compared to a normalised recording. Compressor abuse recommended.

Old challenge, any new recording is welcome. Principle :

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