Who works with videosynths?

i would be interested in who works with video synthesis here.
What does your setup look like.

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Me : )

Edirol V4 mixer, Geiskes 3pins synth, 2 analog cams, 2x BPMC glitch efx boxes (standard and deluxe ), 2x old Fora timebase correctors (to let glitcheers work fine with edirol mixer and other gear ), old iPad with analog video out, 2x VHS tape machines, Black Magic Shuttle interface for recording…

And yeah some old Sony trinitron TVs (could be used to capture video with DSLR or other cam or feedback… ).

It’s quite flexible setup and could b connected in many ways.

I’ve heard there are nice new diy update for Edirol / Roland mixer with CV control over fx parameters and fader. Should b super fun for modular / synth setups…

Well, it’s all super fun of course, but was thinking to sell the whole package to someone who will use it more than me… Nowadays use itb video setup almost 100% of time (there are also nice Software v-synths available, for example Lumen for Mac ).

Happy to talk about it all and discuss the stuff : )


Looks like dis:


find the topic extremely interesting.
I could imagine that a small setup would be a great addition.
have a modular system and know how quickly it can get out of hand.
For this reason I am toying with the Hypno - Video Synthesizer - Sleepy Circuits
what are your suggestions

If you’re looking to give it a go without bankrupting yourself (assuming you use mac already) lumen is fun. Modular midi mappable software video synth. I lost some good hours on it


The Sleepy Circuits Hypno looks fun! Nice little system stand alone with nice modulation capabilities, internal mod and preset system.

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3trinsRGB, Vidiot, V4, BPMC fluxus, a couple oscilloscopes, CRT’s and handycams.

Touchdesigner for everything on the PC.

Only have some pictures from my old setup before I moved to a new apartment. Haven’t really got the setup up and running in my new place yet.


awesome, the 2nd picture … such a overlay fx is nice


Dabbled in video stuff about 10 years back, just low end stuff like Korg Entrancer, Gieskes stuff, etc, good fun but the mess/space/hassle of the setup to the quality of the results/workflow was not worth it for me. There are some cool things in hardware and software now though, I have not looked into it much in depth lately, so interested to see what comes up in this thread.

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I use TouchDesigner. It’s ITB, but supports OSC as well as MIDI.


Try and pick up a Synchronator if u can, a lot of fun and deceptively simple for what you can achieve with it: synchronator


thats a really nice device, i will give it a try

I’m building a video synth kind of app for iOS. Called Jam Cam. It’s currently in beta if anyone here wants to test. If so, give me a PM. Here is a demo of how it can look:


The first mention of video synthesis I had ever heard of was an early 90’s interview with Tom Ellard from Severed Heads, who apparently used it for manipulation of both video AND audio. Never understood what exactly that entailed, but he was doing things no one else was back then.


would like to share my experience with the synchronator
Handling was super friendly and delivery was fast

My mistake was that I bought the HDMI version, will have to downscale again haha.
For my taste, a lot more modulation on board or the automation of this would have to be possible, as a pure standalone device without further options it could quickly get boring.
There are much cheaper or same-priced units with tons of possibilities, I should have informed myself better than making a spontaneous purchase.
In addition to the 4 modulations, I played with the input signal.
The higher the gain, the more powerful, I think I’ll also try it in combination with an envelope follower.
The device goes well with the Eurorack, so I have a few more things in mind.

Here’s a first try


Hi guys, really pleased to see this topic as I’m hoping to receive a Sleepy Circuits Hypno soon and will be looking to control it with the dark trinity- especially the Octatrack via midi!

I’ve owned the original Critter & Guitari ETC and loved it but found it a little limiting as I’m no PHP coding pro so Reverb’d it just prior to the Eysey launch.

Really interested in video synthesis particularly as part of the music production process and as part of performance.

Has anyone else got the Hypno?

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Awesome! It’s a great starting point, but then the creativity is only limited by your imagination really, in terms of what you combine it with. For instance filming it with things that distort the image. Or piping that into a digital software to perform manipulations. Film it through a bottle of Soda. I’m just thinking out loud. I used to use mine with VDMX so there all sorts of cool effects I could add to it from there

Another thing with the synchronator is just using very specific frequencies. You can really elicit certain forms. Check out Sabrina Rattes work she really takes basic form video synthesis to the next level

Also I remember when I was younger Carsten Nicolai’s telefunken really made an impression on me. It was a crazy piece where you were supposed to plug one channel into the tv the other into the audio, so it was like this awesome synaesthetic experience. Really cool

First time I saw it was in a really dark room, blew me away. 2 Chan version here

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I am working with several devices:
VVVV and Resolume on PC; also I work analog with some 8mm projector with old films in which I paint or glue geometric forms, similar to Man Ray, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Stan Brakhage experimental movies. This is the most funny and creative approach to videoart I ever had because it is very taktile and you can find so many strange colours or forms coming from just film and light of the projector… Never had the chance to work with video-mixer so far but I would like to…
Here you can see some of my old video stuff:

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Shimming in to share this. Have you heard of this for Ableton Live? It’s quite clever, how integrated it is and allows to compose video and graphic that reacts to the music



Touchdesigner is really really good, and has a lot of tools that work well and make sense coming from a synth background. Hardware video synths are pretty rad but for me for whatever reason I feel like ITB just makes so much more sense when it comes to video work and this is coming from someone who loves hardware. I suppose it really depends on your end goal but touchdesigner is tough to beat imo. I suppose the only trouble is you might need a computer with a decent video card.

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