Why are the DT's inputs labeled L/R?

From the manual:

14.1.4 SRC
Source selects between different incoming audio sources to sample from.
• EXT L sets the input source to INPUT L.
• EXT R sets the input source to INPUT R.
• EXT L+R sets the input source to INPUT L+R. The audio is summed together to mono.
• INT L sets the input source to the Digitakt internal audio left channel.
• INT R sets the input source to the Digitakt internal audio right channel.
• INT L+R sets the input source to the Digitakt internal audio L+R channels. The audio is summed
together to mono.

Why are the DT’s inputs labeled L/R? Shouldn’t it just be 1+2? the “summed to mono” bit - is it really a L+R function? Which on Mono sources would create a 6dB boost, on stereo sources, who knows what kinds of phase issues would arise? Why label them L/R? It makes no sense. Someone explain it to me?

Nobody knows, we talked about it a lot…
I don’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up, but maybe Overbridge has the answer? :thinking:

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Still, 1-2 makes more sense than L-R.

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Because if they didn’t, people would accidentally plug R into L, duh :wink:


We’re all hoping to see this headline one day: Now supports stereo sampling :smiley:


I imagine it to help prevent user error when routing stuff to/from a mixer etc. As most stereo channels on mixers are labeled l/r it seems to make sense.

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yes please!!!

But that will be the mkII version :joy:


just started a thread a second ago after discovering 2 days ago that they mess up my stereo field from the inputs … cryyyyyy

A brige over troubled samplers…

They are really Under the Bridge.


but if they are summed to mono, what difference does it make? LOL

Totally but we would still end up with post complaining about how elektron arbitrarily labels the inputs 1/2 and so the user can’t figure out which channel is right and left. You been on this board for a while, it’s a plausible scenario.

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They’ve just added the labels now so they don’t have to change stencils for the mkii. :joy: Future proofing the production. :smiley: Btw, the mkii will also support OB which will «become available at a later date». (Couldn’t resist :wink: )

lol true that

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Sometimes I feel
Like I don’t have a sampler
Sometimes I feel
Like my only friend
Is the forum I post in
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Lonely as I am
Together we cry


Not as long as Elektron is still selling the stereo OT

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Yeah, it doesn’t make sense/ the DT wouldn’t be a feasible method of stereo sampling anyway.

Limited storage for efficiency- sample sizes would double in size at least

I just was stereo pass through- hopefully that will be enabled once it’s sound card abilities are enabled with OB