Why aren't NAMM announced products available for purchase immediately

Like the model.sample? Is there a reason it’s ready to show at NAMM but takes a little while before you can actually purchase from a store?

There are some people who would probably impulse buy products if they were available immediately after launch but would lose interest if there were months in between being available.

There must be a good reason right? Are the products not actually ready?

It’s a choice. Lots of companies hold stuff in complete wraps and ramp up production before the announcement. Novation for instance.

Others hype stuff in the pipeline.

And others hype non-existent imaginairy products.

It’s up to the marketing department.

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Got it! Thank you for the response.

It can take a while from showcasing to production. That’s not uncommon. It’s also not uncommon to show prototypes to see how the public response to them. There are products which gets shown during multiple NAMMs in a row.

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You know it’s a good question. Does it help sales to hype stuff a long time before it’s available. I think in general NOT.


You know what NAMM stands for?

Not Available, Maybe May.