Why is it called digitakt

I guess digi for digital. Does takt mean drum or something similar?

One meaning is Rytm in sweddish

Yeah. It’s short (and Swedish) for Digital Rhythm. As opposed to Analog Rytm.

I think the word “Takt” in sweddish is quite similar to the german word Takt, which has quite a few meanings (most of them music related, but also technical ones).

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My question is why diggy-takt or diggy-tone? I always wanted to say diji-takt as in digital … blah blah

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Swedish pronunciation.

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I’m with you. Diji for me too.


Yeah, “Takt” in German means “bar” in terms of musical measure

Not only “bar”, but quite a few others, too. That’s why I linked the dictionary entry.




Elektron have not gone the Ikea route though, that always are naming their products with the strangest Swedish names. I’m thankful for that :grinning:

As a Swede its really neat that å, ä and ö is available for naming presets and such on the Elektron machines. Not really used to that.


I especially appreciate the Å :yum:


Yeah, that’s right, it can also mean discretion and elegance, but that meaning has its origin from the original musical context in the sense that a person has timing socially wise and good judgement.

Interesting that that meaning made it into English (tact / tactful) but not in the musical sense.

Okey, interesting. Had no idea that tact and tactful was English words. For a Swede it almost sounds like words that we call “svengelska”. That’s a word for when a Swede has no idea what the English word is for something and just mixes English and swedish. :grinning:

Does it mean that a person has discretion and elegance in english?

Yes, in English this is what tact means.


It means behaving appropriately in a given situation, knowing when to say/do and when not to, for the sake of not causing upset .