Will this stand scratch AR & OT?

Hi guys,

Thinking of getting this stand for my AR + OT, however I’ve read that the paintwork on these machines scratches fairly easily.

Do you guys think that this stand will scratch the sides of each machine?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


worth checking out these stands from Zerack.
I have stand 2 with rytm below and a A4 above plexiglass stand.
site is zerack stands

greeting, Maarten

I’ve had wood (not sanded very smooth), plexiglass and some kind of molded plastic stands. None of them ever scratched the boxes. However trying to get the tiny screws aligned with the cheek ends holes and screwing them in has scratched basically all my Elektron boxes a little around the screw holes.

Thanks for the replies guys.

@eAntRam - I’ve been offered a good price on the one i posted, so looking for opinions of that style of stand. Thanks for the link however, will have a look if this falls through.

@InTheAm - thanks dude :slight_smile:
Anyone have experience with the one I posted? Or similar, just want to know if the metal will scratch my boxes