WIP A4 percussion exploration


lately I’ve been trying get better with drums & percussion on the Analog Four, and I think this device can be an absolute stunner of a drum machine. Combine polyrhythmic sequencing with arpegiattor patterns and the pattern switch modes for breaks, and it gets quite expressive…

I absolutely love the little glitches which can happen with the sound when patterns are switched which have different kits, especially when they have different FX settings…

this is some jamming (read: hyperactive pattern switching) over some test patterns using several different kits:

feel free to skip around, most of the first half is just the same random mush.
It’s recorded in one take and some compression is applied just to make it louder.

I’m posting this to get some feedback on the overall sound design and mixing,
ignore the arrangement…

very much looking forward to darenager’s drum sounds now.

YEA! :angry:


here’s another, shorter, less aggressive jam: