Wireless/(Bluetooth?) Audio for noodling

Ive tried searching online but the info is quite disparate so thought I’d come to the trusty elektronauts.

I have a decent speaker setup downstairs with Bluetooth connectivity. I have my mini studio upstairs.
Sometimes I just wanna noodle with a piece of hardware or 2 downstairs but its soooo many wires and I dont have any long enough to reach from the kitchen table to my Bluetooth speakers.

Is there any good solution for laptop+overbridge outputting audio over bluetooth?
Or perhaps some other audio over WiFi?
Anyone had success?


Bluetooth has latency when used for audio, which means a delay between pressing a key and hearing the sound.

Wi-Fi is even worse. Use headphones or get a little wired speaker.


Maybe this? https://aiaiai.audio/headphones/tma-2-studio-wireless-plus


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Was just about to suggest the Aiaiai - still need to plug the receiver into the Mac though. But latency is tolerable for sure

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