Work from home (WFH) setups

I have been working from home since March due to the coronavirus and it seems like there is a very strong possibility that many people from my company, myself included, will be asked to permanently work from home (partly because the gov’t wants fewer people on the trains and partly because our new CEO sees this as a great opportunity to reduce expensive office space).

I’m just wondering if people might be willing to share advice about WFH setups (desks, chairs, keyboards, etc) and maybe even photos. Other info sharing might be nice as well.

I haven’t made any major purchases so far, but the best one has been going from the Apple Magic Mouse to the Logitech MX Master 3. For me, it’s so much nicer in the hand and the scroll wheel is a work of art.

I also switched to the Logitech G512 mechanical keyboard, and it’s a much nicer typing experience than my Apple keyboard, which was too low profile for typing all day long (I’m a translator so typing is my business). The G512 isn’t perfect though as I would much prefer something Bluetooth. My options are, unfortunately, limited because I need a Japanese keyboard.

Next on my list of things to get is a good chair and possibly a new desk. Lots of people I know have standing desks, but I haven’t decided if that’s something I want yet.

For chairs, I’m considering the Herman Miller Embody or perhaps something by Steelcase. The Embody is ludicrously expensive, but that will be the piece of furniture I will be spending the most time in for work and music making, so it seems like it might be worth the investment.

We live in a small, open floor plan condo in Tokyo, so we don’t have a lot of furniture and whatever we do get needs to look nice as it’s permanently on display.

While not office-related per se, I added a pull-up bar before the pandemic and that has been a fantastic purchase for staying at home.

Anyway, I never envisioned working from home all the time as a possibility since Japanese companies have been very opposed to it to date, so it’s all a very new experience for me. I can’t even really imagine not working in a suit and taking a train/subway everyday.

I work all day long outside so I can’t help you much. But if you spend your time behind a computer, the top priority I think would be a very good chair. Something really comfortable. Also, a nice screen to save your eyes should be important.
For the desk, you can DIY to fit your home and your needs.


The best WFH setup is the one that puts you within reaching distance of all your synths :wink:


Good points. DIY desk sounds like a great idea. Thanks!

I’ve been thinking about chairs for the last three months as the one I’m using now is not great and I’m in that chair probably ten or more hours a day. I have been holding out as it’s an expensive purchase and I wasn’t sure how long this would last.

I thankfully updated my computer a couple
of years ago when I started working from home once a week, so I luckily already have a nice big monitor. I learned back then that I couldn’t do my job on a laptop screen.

A good chair is a must! I’ve been working from home for years, and for the past few years I’ve had a Humanscale Freedom task chair. They’re not cheap, but you can quite often pick them up refurbished, which is what I did. Highly recommend it, it solved back pain issues for me and for me it is better than the Herman Miller Aeron (which I’ve also used in the past) as it is self-adjusting, but ymmv

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Thank you! I’ll add that to my list of contenders! It looks close in price to the HM Embody.

I use a 3dee Aeris chair, made in Germany and a Aeris Swooper- comfortable minimalsitic look- you have free body movement

I use to own a Humanscale Freedom, very comfy at the beginning, but it caused me some health problem - it does not allow to move freely and it will generate back pain issues if used for long hours

I use a sit/ standing desk from Ikea-it helps in alternating your posture during the day specially if you will be making music after home work

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The 3dee looks great, but not available here in Japan it seems.

The standing desk might be something to look into. Two of my coworkers have gone to that and really like it.

It is a shame- A similar chair to 3Dee is Hag Capisco/ it allows free movement and it is used also in Music Studio


This is my work from home, music and personal projects desk. I spend lots of time here so I had to make it work for all occasions and think about it in a modular way.
Force, Digitakt, Microfreak and Ableton work together. Each one is moved to the front as needed. I usually do everything on hardware then drop to Live so I don’t usually need the computer keyboard.
Personal stuff, mostly Unity:
Dual monitor setup, Mac mini at the back.
Mouse and keyboard slip under the Force when not in use.
Laptop on the left is connected to a video switch on the left monitor only and I have the laptop monitor for non important stuff.
Laptop moves to the front when in use, and I use its keyboard.
Overall I’m quite happy with the setup, it works and let me squeeze in some cheeky music time during downtime.


It is cool

Is Macmini for Music productions?

Both that and Unity. Not a top of the range machine but well enough for my needs.

Being cooped up all day behind a screen in a small flat is living hell. This is akin to slavery. I’d look into alternative employment. Your boss is probably on the golf course right now.

I work in my armchair


Macmini is a good alternative if you already have machines

I like my job.

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i can confirm this


I got this mouse a while ago. If you look to the side the centre button is pre-configured to, while held, lower the DPI to whatever you want, I think you could go as low as 1 (or as high as 16,000 lol!) it’s really handy for twealing softknobs, The software allows for a lot of macros too, pretty handy for music work.

You eyes should hit as close to 1/3 from the top of the screen as possible, there’s a tip.

I have an Asus Tuf book sat on a Coolmaster XL cooling pad which also angles it to the correct wrist action.

It’s such a good laptop, couldn’t recommend it enough. Performs way better than it should, which makes a change. The screen is a work of art.

I have another Ryzen 5 laptop behind me plugged into a projector with it’s own mouse, 2:1 speakers and keyboard so I don’t go mad.

Most importantly, a kettle to the left so I don’t have to move to get tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Best item in the room.


I love how when the desk transforms from work to synth mode the amount of mixer channels increases.


there was a couple of days between these shots, currently both mixers are on the right of the desk (still within reach, of course)