Workflow: using a bank of FX presets?

Hi, one thing I’m missing in the OT are FX presets. I often find myself re-tuning the same settings for the same type of source material, in different songs. I was thinking about setting up one bank with only FX settings I could then just copy and paste when I need them. That would be 4 parts with 8 tracks of 2 FX each, that’s 64 presets ready to use. We cannot name tracks, but I could load placeholder samples to display something sensible like “guitar chorus delay”, “lush reverbs”, or “slap echo”. Maybe naming parts as categories (part 1: filters, part 2: reverbs…) Is that a good idea or has someone already come up with something really clever (hope so!) ?


Yes. A template project is obviously interesting, and certain setups stored in banks / parts too.
I bought @Rusty OctaEdit in order to do that mainly at first.

Check this thread.

I usually use banks A-H for my tracks only anyways so I started to use banks I-P for templates.
I keep a cheat sheet on my pc so I know what is where, last bank has a ready-to-go template, so I just have to copy the part from P01 over when I start a new track (one bank on my Elektrons usually is one track).
Definitely makes things easier^^


Yes, of course but this is specifically about managing FX presets…

Kind of, I guess, maybe?


Well yeah, looking forward :wink: