Www.elektron.se DOWN?

https://www.elektron.se down? anyone else getting a 504 Gateway Time-out error message?

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They’re down while they get ready to reveal DigiMix - their new 16 track midi tracker / MultiFX mixer.


I wish, but elektron enjoys a good tease… I expect at least a week of teaser videos of abstract button art and sounds.


Yup. Down. Not cool for their SEO ranking.

Oh eff word, noooo… :tired_face: Those “neoclassical” teasers for the DK were painful and obvious. I hope there’s news on Overbridge working for OS X Catalina.

their site is now functioning on a “trig condition” basis set to %30 chance you get to the site when you trig it.


Close, it’s actually a MIDI controlled food processor. LFO speeds well into audio rate!

Still down. Nothing announced on Twitter. Ominous. :confused:

I received my Analog Four MKII yesterday and was hoping to upgrade the firmware today, lol.

Does anyone know of a mirror/alternate/ftp site where the support docs/firmwares are available?

p.s. I have quite a story about my Analog Four… I bought it from Sweetwater (love those guys) as a “B-Stock” unit. Unsure if this means that Sweetwater or Elektron performs the refurb/repack, but I saved like $450.00US… when I received it, it appeared basically brand new… perfect box, sealed, etc.

BUT… when I pulled the synth out of the plastic… it sounded like a metal maraca filled with ball bearings. The HORROR. As a former electronics technician, I busted out the tools and lovingly opened her up… Let me say these machines are built/engineered beautifully! easy to open, disconnect the sound-generation/motherboard unit from the control board half. I discovered that 12 of the 15 small screws that hold the control board to the chassis were not screwed in, but just bouncing around inside the box. CRAZY. how does something like this leave the shop, get packed back up, and mailed out?? Anyway, I put her all back together, nothing missing, and she’s just fine.

I called Sweetwater and sent them photos… they were super supportive but offered no explanation as to how this could have happened. I have the full 2-year warranty from Sweetwater, and possibly Elektron as well (not sure). At this point… happy to have saved 1/3 of the price… but wow… all I can think is some Tech was drunk/high/angry… lol


Uh, Photos from INSIDE an A4 mk2! Please Share them with us! Is the Main Board still blue? Are there any eastereggs? Oh this suspense…:wink:

I should have taken more!! I will later since at this point it doesn’t really matter… Hahah… I just have one of the control board, which is green… If you look closely you can see the 12 empty holes and 3 existing screws, which is what greeted me when I opened her up.
Backside of Control Board - where the keys/encoders/etc are connected:
IMG_3314.HEIC (1.9 MB)


Just bumping, as I edited my reply to you with the image.

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Thank you! Very interesting. Looks very Clean. Here is a picture from A4 Mk1 control Board Replace LCD?

I have a 5-minute check running on https://notifymewhenitsup.com/

This is a free service that will send you an e-mail when a site is back up.


It loaded for me just now. :+1:

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As if people googling “drum machine” randomly end up on their page and think “oh that looks nice i ll buy this analog rytm box” :wink:

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It works for me.

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elektron was bought by behringer today and their team now rebuilds the page.


Nooooooooooo :scream: