Xoxbox - mission accomplished

After a long process of sourcing, assembling and debugging I have finally finished xoxbox. I had a lot of fun making it but being completely honest I would not decide to do it again :slight_smile:


Congrats!! Looks awesome

You’ve acquired a lot of knowledge and experience during your journey. It’s always something to consider. Congratulations! You did it.

“Done” is often the best feature ! Looks great ! Let’s hear it !

True. That was the main reason to build it. I am fairly conversant with digital builds. So wanted to try analog one for getting some extra experience. Thanks for the kind comments. Much appreciated.

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A few PCB pics:


Well done! Looks great. Did mine a few years ago. It’s a proper mission, (especially for an electronics novice like me) but immensely satisfying once you get there.

That looks really great. Well done :slight_smile:

Nice job :slight_smile: how does it sound?

/eyes up his half-finished deckards dream kit

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Cheers guys. At some point I will record demos of my builds. For now I need to catch up with real life :slight_smile:
Re sound, well, I did not go for the mods (due to case size) so it is pretty standard config. It “clicks” occasionally due to free running osc. To be fair nothing today’s soft/hardware cannot do.

However, sequencer, slides, accents and the filter are actually worth the hassle of building it.

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Deckard looks tasty. The pricing is way beyond my range though.

Nice build! I have those flat LEDs in mine too, I want to get one of those style cases - mine is still in the ol’ Pactec. Is it a Christian Harting/Altitude909 one?

I love the x0xb0x.

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That the stock Ladyada kit case? Mine’s in that too. My least favourite thing about the x0x. Feels very flimsy and not at all nice to look at.
Keep meaning to buy a new case.

Yeah, I got mine painted silver but was never happy with the overall look of it TBH.

I am based in UK so ordered the case from Germany. Sadly it wasn’t the most pleasant transaction I ever had. My front panel came with a couple of issues and the seller turned out to be rude.

Therefore, I don’t feel that giving them good publicity would be a good thing, hence I don’t include a link. However, if someone still wants to get this case PM me and I will send an url.

A few things to bear in mind. The case is “low profile” so some components on main and power board clash. The kit comes with two replacement 2200uf caps for power board to address this but some experimenting is required. Also some smaller caps have to be bent/laid flat to “sandwich” the build. I could not find any assembly instruction and I had to improvise/figure out where some parts go.

Note: I took pictures of PCBs prior to fitting them in into the case so the actual components arrangement in some locations have been changed.

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Found a pic of mine:

Deffo want to get an alu case for it, but it has nonxox so probably won’t find one with the right labels, the pic was before when it was running the other firmware.