Yamaha Refaces- Is there a single Yamaha synth that contains them all?

379€ here. Not sure, but IIRC that‘s what they always were? Anyone knows? Maybe the right time to get a DX…

Refaces are definitly not inexpensive.

I would be all over a single sound module with the four Refaces engines.

But I don’t think it’ll happen. The Refaces seem to have sold very well. I really love the sound of my Reface DX but why couldn’t Yamaha release a bloody editor is beyond me. The UI is less than optimal, I’ve lost track of how many times I lost a patch I was working on by accidentally pushing the wrong button. Come on.

I have 3 reface’s, the organ one I don’t have.

Seems you can pick up reface’s new in UK for around the £300 mark

Something else to consider is the Yamaha EX5/5r. Has the synthesis engine of the AN series, like the CS, plus VL series physical modelling and AWM sample based synthesis to cover the CP and YC. Sadly, and surprisingly, there was no FM aspect to it, even though the AN part had appeared in a groovebox (AN200) that had a 6 op FM counterpart (DX200) and had also recently released the FS1R 8 op monster.

The EX5/7 did have FM, but it was 2-op and buried in the AN model. The SY99 (and SY/TG77) was Yamaha’s last big flagship FM workstation before the MODX. I suspect that Yamaha expected FM enthusiasts to buy the half-baked FS1r if they wanted more FM. The failure of the FS1r (and success of the Motif line) likely discouraged Yamaha from investing in FM products until recently.

If you can find a good deal on one, I strongly recommend the EX5 and TG77. The SY77/99 are big, heavy and even harder to find than the EX5 is, and the TG77 is only missing the sequencer and the SY99’s sampling option. The sampling option requires a memory upgrade that is likely even harder to source. (also, I strongly recommend against the FS1r. Get a OPSIX or a MODX instead)

The new Yamaha CK Series ( thread ) has the Reface YC and the CP as a part in a full sized battery powered keyboard with speakers.

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The CP has a nice grand piano in there already., it’s just hidden!


Just got the CP today. Very impressed.



Yeah I love mine! To access the hidden piano patch switch the unit off, set the selector switch between the first two positions (it might work between any two positions?) and power it up. It’s a lovely little Easter egg!