Your TOP NOTCH sampleless AR loop

  • that you are proud of
  • that has no samples
  • that is banging
  • that you stand behind
  • that makes the AR shine
  • that sticks out from the crowd
  • no after FX
  • no after compression
  • only AR in the box goodness (no additional sounds, no synths, no voice)
  • if you knock my socks off, (and post the sysex)
    I will get you a beer / milk / pizza via PayPal (promise)

I see what you did there. :wink:

Is this a troll or is this a survey for some affirmation in what you have bought…




I think it’s a challenge and I like the idea.

To be honest, I tend to mix a sample to my synth voices at an early state, because it makes life so easy to use the best of two worlds and get quickly what I am after.

I have got my AR for some days now and I directly started to make beats but also to exploit the various synth models. It was no problem, to create some interesting off-the-mainstream sounds. Maybe there was not this awesome kick yet, but … let’s see. There seem to be some hidden gems and I am at the very beginning of my journey.

I would be very interested to learn, what others achieve using the synth or analoge circuitry only and would also be open to share my experience … after having had some, of cause … :wink:

I agree. I’ve been spending so much time using the RYTM with samples that I haven’t focused on just the synthesis portions quite yet. But as soon as I have something ready I’ll share it Henri! :joy:

I did this during a fika break

Not top notch, but it’s not using any samples.

Big one @Simon!! :slight_smile: Id you don’t mind please share the sysex for learning purposes…

not bad simon … depending on what comes after you, you might have earned yourself a pizza …
look, poldi is already interested inthe sysex… I bet so are plenty others!
what is a fika break?

That is a sonically cool track and I love the timbres, but it unfortunately proves my point from the other thread. The drums are weak.

Like those “wooden knocks”, great work :smiley:

I was waiting for someone to upload their “top notch” loops without samples – then I realised such a thing probably doesn’t exist because why would anyone not use samples?! After all, the rytm does support them! :wink:

Then I was bored, remembered my old Soundcloud password and decided to knock something together. It’s by no means my best work of all time and I’m still a novice with the rytm but it does show you can tweaks those drums to do a bit more than you’d think at first… I hope!

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the music is a string sample but all percussion is 100% analog rytm.

its inspired by late 1980s drum machine hip hop

i believe its all presets as well!

Soooon… :alien:

If you could clarify for me…

Are you expecting the AR to produce a drum sound, straight from the box, without any compression, EQ, FX etc and still sound better than a processed commercial sample? :confused:

I get the appeal of being able to tweak things live sure… in that scenario I would suggest using a console and outboard live.

Personally, i’ve had RYTM for nearly a year now and have only just started using the sample engine.

Seems like a great workflow to me in that sense… Jam away until you’ve got a great groove, render the Kick, maybe bounce the bass synth down onto the Bass Tom, then start playing back my own samples from the RYTM and suddenly i’ve got the “studio sound” live. :slight_smile:

Do you own another analogue (or digital I suppose) drum machine that you’re comparing to that isn’t giving you “weak” drums straight out of the box?

sorry job… AR only in this thread… sorry but I d like to be stikt on this one… please dont get me wrong, but this neeeeeeds to be a AR sample less only work

JOB please remove. thanks…

from 1:37 on, it’s only for the mainstream :wink:

Excellent :slight_smile:

should have compressed…please increase volume … not the most top notch thing possible, but I could not not do it …
.come on guys…there is a pizza waiting for you!