ZED 24, worth the upgrade?

Hi yas.
I have a Behringer MX 2004A mixer but need more inputs. (8mono + 4stereo I/P = 16chs)
An Allen+Heath ZED 24 is for sale at a good price and great condition. (16mono + 4stereo I/P = 24chs)
This will give me only 4 more stereo inputs (paning mono inputs).
And 4 aux sends rather than 2.

So, anyone have any input if the ZED has better eqs or whatever ?
I realize they are both very similar with the same eq (high/mid sweep/low).
My use is line level only and only for monitoring.

ZED’s sound REALLY GOOD, and build like a tank.
It will smoke your Behringer.

THanx, I just put down a bid. ($500 so far).