0-Coast VS Vermona Mono Lancet

Which of these synthesizers is more creative, with a wide range of sounds and better build quality?

well I don’t own a Mono Lancet. but I do own a handful of other Vermona stuff, and the build quality on all of them is top notch. as in, probably the best of modern-day synth builds. I have 70’s era Rolands and I’d say it’s comparable to those. literally they are tanks. I also have a bunch of Make Noise (Shared System and another skiff of their modules) and I’ve owned the 0-Coast. the build quality is good, but nowhere near Vermona. it’s certainly passable though and comparable to most euro rack or other modern-day synths.

sound-wise… again I don’t own a Mono Lancet. I do have a Perfourmer and the Lancet adds some stuff to the single synth voices that has, but the core synth voice is basically the same. I’d say it’s pretty different from the 0-Coast. it’s certainly VERY east coast sounding. you’re going to get some great leads and some great woody sorta bass sounds out of it. it can do some whacky stuff just like any synth, but not too insane. and it’s a very simple machine to get your head around and just get what you want out of. think MiniMoog or SH-101. 0-Coast can go to far more places but can’t do that bread and butter synthesis type sound as well (or easily). and you’ll spend more time just exploring than just going directly to the sound you need. think simplified Buchla.

in all, I’d say it’s worth having both types of sound-making boxes in your arsenal, but which approach/sound you’re after now is all you.


creative & wide range of sounds:
I think with the patching options the 0-Coast wins here.
The Vermona is more classical vco vcf vca.

They sound really different, and I guess with youtube & co you can find a lot of samples.

build quality:
I think the 0-Coasts knobs are a bit on the cheap side, the case feels very sturdy.
I never touched a vermona, so I can’t say anything about it’s build quality.

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I have Perfourmer mk2 and its very musical/organic analog synth. I bet the monolancet is great sounding too and it s actually an semimodular synth, all the cv connections are in the back 25 pin extension port. )coast is definitely more convenient semimodular and definitely good sounding too

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I had a Vermona filter lancet. Build quality is very high. Sound is excellent. Nice big chunky knobs. Love the Vermona aesthetic.

Have only fiddled with 0 Coast in a shop. Felt flimsy to me. Small and fiddly. Not my cup of tea really.

Always wanted a Mono Lancet, but I have two Moogs so, never saw the point in buying yet another analogue mono.

Basically Vermona is like Moog… but German.