[1.21] Bug on LFO or misunderstanding?

Hello, I have a Digitone with firmware 1.21 installed.
Anyway I noticed a weird behavior of the LFO in FREE mode.
I keep the LFO speed at 1.00 and the Multiplier at 1.00 too. I am using the SINE wave.
When I press different notes on the Digitone the value of the LFO is too different for each note.
I double checked with Overbridge GUI. And I clearly see that even at this very low speed, there is a different position on the LFO curve for different notes and the distance between this two points of the LFO is too big, there is no continuity.

If I press a note I see that is in a position, press another note, and it’s another position. If I press again on the previous note, the position goes back at the first position where it was initially or very very close, and the same for note two: it just jumps away.

It is a bug or I have a misunderstanding on how the LFO in FREE mode works ?

Hi Elektron, I have the same behavior like dizketto describes.
It would be really nice if different Notes get the same Modulation. Then we have more control over the sound. Is there a way to avoid that?
This is a nice effect but actualy I want to modulate all Notes with the same Value and it should change slowly over time. Thats what an slow LFO does.
Thanks for the Feedback.

Not exactly sure what’s being asked here, but I’m guessing it has to do with understanding of the free LFO. When set to “free” the LFO runs constantly, even when DN transport is stopped. Therefore, you may always end up with a modulated parameter being at an unexpected position when you start your transport.

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what you describe is a free running LFO, if you want it to restart with every note you have to set mode to TRIG (LFO Page2)

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