1.30 Cenk and Simon patch notes link please?

Hi guys,

When the new machines were released I seem to remember someone broke down the patches used to demo the new machines. But I can no longer find the document.

Can anyone post the link for it? As found it interesting and would like to reread :slight_smile:

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New Blood - Learning from Simon and Cenk.pdf (4.6 MB)


I have also uploaded this in the files section under “Learning from Simon and Cenk”. Best, Olaf


Should be cool at some point to have a search field in File… as the search field seem to return only forum thread

Thanks @Olaf_Wolkenhauer to keep the good stuff for Elektronauts !

Dammed, I tried getting the link into my reply but when I clicked on the chain symbol for the entry in the Files section, nothing happened. I am still working on a new version of the How To book. Learning Adobe InDesign turned out to be painful and demotivating. I spent the last couple of months focussing on DAW produced music. I am however still at it, just too slow :slight_smile:

Thanks, Olaf