1.30 Mega thread

Let’s talk about all the new machines in OS 1.30 here!
Which is your favorite? Was the ring modulation a myth? (Spoilers: no)

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Oh my!

Looks like some of my own wish-list has been addressed. :slight_smile:

New kick drum machines, one of which (“Sharp”!?) sounds like it might get closer to the trance kicks I’ve been looking for!

More synthy bass possibilities too.

Look forward to giving this a go tonight!


Ok. I guess I’ll keep it.

Absolutely. Amazing.Thank you guys.

Off to the studio in a bit to try it all out : )

I imagine Ill be using lots of BD plastic and the noise machines all over the place myself.

Just downloaded the OS and had a look in the “readme” file.

Wow, so many new machines … thank you Elektron. Can’t wait to find the time to explore them all.

Many Kudos to you :+1:

Wow! Thank you Elektron.

Can’t wait tonight !!
Thx Elektron, it’s Christmas again !


AR just became the best drum machine in the World.

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Thanks Elektron! Sounding great.

Got a live set tomorrow night so will be testing all these new machines on a decent system :slight_smile:

Very impressed with what i am hearing in the video, i can not wait to get home tonight.

I think Id have to agree. The only thing that could improve it would be 4x4 bigger pads :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the beta for awhile. The Silky Kick, Natural Snare, and metallic hats have become my go to for drum sounds now. The Plastic Kick is great for synth sounds; it’s nice that it doesn’t have a transient that’s hard to remove.

Outstanding! Well worth the wait. I really wish I didn’t have to spend the weekend moving house now but oh well, I can look forward to getting stuck in.

Very nice update. The AR is developing nicely, like the MD did before. Some day I will get an AR … :disappointed:

Here are some examples I recorded last week:

Only the new synthesis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All killers no fillers!

Great demo too, my faves whilst playing with the Beta have been the cymbals and impulse machine, the impulse has enabled me to create the deep and smooth non pitch swept kicks that have been so elusive on the Rytm (nothing wrong with the other kick machines for harder style kicks though)

In general what I like most about the update is that it awakens Rytm’s softer side, amongst plenty of other characteristics, like the crazy balls to the wall stuff.

Brilliant work guys :slight_smile: