1 Kit 1 Pattern - do you think it limits you to 1-pattern jams?


Recently I asked to Elektron if this was true and there was some way to create 5-6 patterns using the same kit, but without hardcopy it, because when you tweak the parameters you may want the next pattern sounds exactly with the same parameters, just different triggers. I get a lout reply basically saying ‘no’ :confused:

Ignoring that fact, I’d like to ask you. How limiting is that for you in case you do music sessions that last more than 40 min and use more than a single pattern? Raw transitions?

I remember why I purchased the OT and sold my ESX1, and it was that problem! I couldnt manage patterns with shared kit, so my patterns transitions where too rough, specially when I went back to the previous pattern.


This is a big problem for me as i would like to use more than 1 pattern for songs of a liveset. But i also want to tweak the sounds while playing.
For now i’m focussing on producing songs with 1 pattern only. It’s ok but not how i would like it to be.

I don’t mind it. I used to use a lot of chained patterns before DT but now I just use single patterns with trig conditions, copy n paste the pattern n make changes for the next part.
I then sync my A4 on half or quarter speed for 8 or 16 bar passages.
works well in my situation.

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What would be cool would be some sort of “reset all other patterns”-button. So that if you have mangled a previous pattern and jumped to the next pattern, you could set the previous pattern back to its normal state and jump to that after mangling the new one. I give this sentence a 2/10.



I’ve said this in other threads but, I use sounds on the digi like its a giant kit for
the entire machine. Save a sound it’s like a patch that can be used across multiple patterns. Tweak, resave, changes also transfer across patterns. There is also the copy sound function that makes sound transfer between patterns no too difficult.


Similarly, I use mine more as a sound module.

Holy balls! I never thought about changes to sounds effecting the sounds in other patterns! Amazing!

Copy/paste kit between patterns is missing on the Digitakt if you ask me.


My biggest pet peeve with the digitakt was if using more than one pattern in chain mode values jump to what they were saved at in the other pattern. So subtle changes don’t work. It is still pretty cool though and the way i ised it more was manually chaning to a new pattern and have the sound change a lot, after some sort of buildup/drop off. But if using chained mode it gets hairy. Which is the main reason i traded up to a rytm. I like using one kit for the song and have subtle changes throughout (of course not so subtle when needed)

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Optional auto reload on pattern change :ok_hand:

There you go :slight_smile:

I’d advise learning to reprogram your pattns on the fly, way simpler than trying to fight the architechture. The 8 X 2 grid on the DT should be great for quickly (re)programming trigs. Create a breakdown with mutes etc, then reprogram key elements during the brakdown, unmute, rinse and repeat. The good ole ”Millsian” way to work a x0x beatbox and all that.

Only problem with this is the whole plock wonder of working with an elektron seq, which can make intricate step programming too tedious to be satisfactorily spontaneous. Thank heavens you can copy/paste trigs (disclaimer: I dont own a DT so cannot verify if it actually copypastes trgis, but it damn well should).

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You can, ideed, copy/paste trigs on the DT.


Great! I feared that feature might have been left out, very glad to hear its onboard. You can also copypaste multiple trigs, like on the AR/A4 I hope? If so then even intricate changes to the programming should be very doable in realtime.

Yup, you can copy/paste as many trigs as you can press with your fingers. Also, you can copy the whole page!


So all the quality-of-life enhancing features from modern elektrons are on board it seems! Embrace them and use them to their fullest, you can still do alot of cool stuff fast even if tied to operating under a single pattn…