100% Digitone - Dave Mech - Genoditi

Here’s a new 100% Digitone jam. A groovy dub trip. Enjoy :slight_smile:

This track was created entirely with Digitone and recorded in one take. Only post processing added is a little EQing and a limiter to bring the level up, but intentionally the limiter is almost doing nothing. This way you can hear how DN can sound right out of the box.

I created this groove when making the mastering digitone part 2 course. This is a performance of that groove,



Damn Dave, this is great. In the last week or so I’ve gotten on a serious Digitone kick as well (its been in the Standby section of the studio while I’ve been obsessing over my analog system for the last couple months). Its such a fun and flexible device, great by itself or with others!

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Nice track! It’s inspiring to see how far you push the Digitone.

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WOW! Absolutely amazing. :fire:

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Thanks @Klaptastic @Endlosregler @rrrrrr !

Yeah Digitone keeps surprising me in how far you can take things. The combination of sound design and sequence building in one workflow is really cool. Got the same thing with the A4. Which I really should use more really. Also a mind blowing synth :slight_smile: