+/- 1000 seconds jam (Octatrack, A4 and friends)

Hi Elektronauts, to celebrate reaching the 1000 YouTube subscribers (perhaps there are some nauts in there) I recorded this ± 1000 seconds jam featuring 2 tracks in a nostalgic dark ambient/downtempo kind of style… not sure what to call it… weird?

You can download these tracks for free if you like at https://rephazer.bandcamp.com/album/1000-seconds-jam-free

I hope you like it! Cheers.

Used gear:

Octatrack: Sequences, Beats, Granular pads
Analog Four: Arps, Pads
OP-1: Lofi Arps and other lofi tones
System-1: Atmospheric background pads
Deluge: Used as audio recorder and keyboard for the V-Machine (Pad,Piano,Rhodes)
UMA25s: Used as keyboard for the vPed (Piano,Cello)