1010music nanobox fireball : new wavetable synth

Nanobox fireball is compact 8-voice polyphonic wavetable Synthesizer that consists of two wavetables and a single oscillator.


Intrigued by the modulation sequencer. Looking forward to playing with the effects. Recently came to appreciate Ableton Live’s Wavetable synth for making evil techno bass squawks. Drawing in automation for this thing will be fun.

And here’s my review on the Fireball now -


If you’re not into reading, just listening to the music -

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Would be cool with some more info about the wavetable format. Do you have any info on that?

Not sure, actually, but this is what I’m getting from their website -

  • Wavetables use 2048 samples per cycle and 256 cycles

Thanks. I just read the news sites and forgot to check their homepage. Hehe.

Looks like a fun little box.

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looks so fun. if it only had an internal battery…


no aux outs

These look cool enough, but I’m far more interested in a Töörö for filling this gap in my setup - particularly given the price.

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Can’t understand why the Lemondrop is getting all the love and no-one is talking about the fireball. Would like to hear more of what other people are doing with it before taking the (relatively) expensive plunge.

EDIT: This deep dive video is the most informative thing I’ve seen so far.

fireball 1.1.0 firmware is now available at the 1010music Forum. (Free registration required).

We’ve added a record feature, made getting to the volume control easier, and fixed a bunch of bugs.


I am curious too about this…I got the lemon drop and absolutely love it. I’m a big fan of blackbox sound quality. I wonder why this one isn’t as popular, maybe cause it’s not as unique?

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When I next want a tiny addition to my setup, the Fireball is way ahead of the lemondrop.

I wonder how many were actually sold and if he didn’t shoot himself in the foot by pricing them so high?


I’m looking at the Fireball with renewed interest these days, and its similarity to Ableton’s Wavetable synth is really striking to me. Obviously not 1:1, but there’s a lot of overlap between both the feature list, as well as the simple and utilitarian design.