19.07 shedding, live in the upper midwest usa: milwaukee and chicago


i’m pleased to let you know that i’ll be performing two shows this summer after visiting a very special lake up north in wisconsin where my mother wanted her ashes spread.

i had hoped to have a new cd ready for release in time, but it wasn’t meant to be. more on that later. in the interest of contextualizing what i’m up to for these shows, my friends encouraged me to write a little blurb:

Over the past four years, I’ve been inspired by the movement of bird flocks to explore the relationship between chaos and order in nature. Once the musical environments have been developed, without any traditional sequenced patterns, the goal has been to react to that intentional volatility and explore the permutations of perceived order within the chaos.

There’s also an intent to deal with restraint as a reaction to the frequent excess in electronic music in a variety of ways. My reaction to the excess of sound means that about three-fourths of the set is comprised of a 2 second sample of 32 single cycle waveforms. The other quarter of raw sound is a handful of hi-hat samples and one kick drum sample. The restraint is also a reaction to the commodification and fetishization of gear within electronic music. This often leads to shallow exploration. Because of that I wanted to focus on a single complex, but compact, tool.


Love the idea of the concept! I’m not from the Midwest but I’d like to hear recordings of this!

There should be a CD of some micro-extracts from live sets from last summer’s Flocking ideas. I had hoped they’d be available for these shows, but it isn’t in the cards.

I’m sure in time something will come together with the current ideas though. I end up working sort of opposite of how most seem to. Live shows are an opportunity for exploration and development and not to present and promote ‘completed’ material.

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Sounds very interesting indeed.

Could record the live set from your first show and plonk it to a limited run on CD?
Then record the second show onto CD and make both available at your last show!

I guess I could theoretically, but I’d rather take my time with it all.

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Up to you. Must be some charm in a live show feature. Too much music is over produced imo nowadays. I’d much rather buy a live recording than a polished studio thing. Save that for a different release!

Yeah, absolutely. Some of my releases are unedited live recordings. Some are extracts. My reservations are less about it being a live recording and more about how the presentation is with something thrown together the day of an event. I just would rather take my time in general. Too much music is released in general I’d argue, so I’m in no hurry to add to the noise unless it’s something I’m proud of. That is something that takes more time than 8-12 hours for me to sort out.

Hey, really interesting brief, shame I’m too far to come to the shows. Am I right in assuming the single complex tool used for this project is the Octatrack?

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Yes, I’m using the Octatrack. It’s been quite a process gradually expanding my familiarity with it over the last 8 years, but I think it is a great tool that isn’t particularly respected outside of the ‘techno’ paradigm.

Well, unfortunately the Madison show on Saturday the 6th fell apart last minute. Oh well.

Nice to be packed light for shows. If any of you know folks in Milwaukee or Chicago, send them my way. Madison fell through last minute unfortunately. I think I may try to come back north in October and play Minneapolis and Iowa City too. :slight_smile:

Update: Unfortunately Wild.church had to cancel the Milwaukee show but Paul Feyertag from that duo graciously offered to play and my buddy Tom Wincek, who was to play the now cancelled Madison show is zipping over to play. Tom has been involved in Emotional Joystick, Field Report, All Tiny Creatures, Volcano Choir, and Collections of Colonies of Bees. His solo tunes are amazing!