2.1mm > 2.5mm male adapter cables. Where to shop?

I bought the ICON Onehub to connect the DT, DN & ST both with USB and power.
Unfortunately the included cables are 2.1mm and Elektron uses 2.5mm.
So what I’m looking for are cables going from 2.1 male > 2.5 male.
Could only find those small adapters on stock though, no cables.
Any tips on where they might be in stock? (Europe)

You might find some good info in this recent thread although it’s more about right angled connectors: Angled connector for Elektron PSU

This was recommended in there:



Rockboard is German I think, generally easy to find in the UK and EU.

Edit: Just noticed you want male->male - that might be more of a challenge. I’d probably recommend just making some up yourself if you have a soldering iron as that might be a challenge to buy off the shelf.

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I think these are the ones I need. Not good.

That’s a reverse polarity cable so I assume would swap the shielding from centre positive to centre negative? It’s a bit unclear and I’m not an electrician.

I think that’s useful if you wanted to use your power solution for (most) effects pedals, which are centre negative, but no good for Elektron boxes unfortunately.

Yes you’re right. Specs are laking these days. Same with ICON.
Because the ICON has a 2.5 input with center positive (just like the elektrons) I would expect it would provide center positive on the outputs as well but I’m just guessing. I don’t have a multimeter to check either.

Looking at the other ICON products they seem to be centre positive so I think it’s a safe bet! Probably a good idea to confirm with them first though :slight_smile:

I did mail them but no response yet. I’ll try a call tomorrow.

The ICON Onehub specs say it’s rated for their controllers. The controllers that use 12 Volts are center-positive (check the specs on the product pages).

They’re 12v, center-positive, and up to 2 amps, so I would guess that’s what each of those four ports supplies.

This thing looks really handy!

Just so you know the power brick is about 6 times the size of an Elektron PSU-3.

I really wish Elektron would rip the keys of the Digitone Keys, slap 2 more octaves on there and have a built in power and USB hub in it. Instant buy for me! :slight_smile:

No prob. I like that it’s all-in-one, and with a USB hub too.


I payed €116,- at Baxshop

There’s also a B-Stock for €109,- at Thomann.

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Still no luck on the cables, not even the distributor was able to provide.

Have you looked on ALIexpress? everything is cheap and they ship to Zimbabwe if that’s what it calls for.

Everything takes a month to get to you but that’s the cost of cheap products and cheap or free shipping.

No luck there either unfortunately.

what do you intend to do with male to male cables? sorry if I missed that part

Connect the Elektron’s to the ICON hub.
ICON hub has 2.1mm outputs.
Elektron boxes have a 2.5mm input.

So I need 4 simple cables about 1m long going from 2.1mm male > 2.5mm male.
It’s just so weird that I can’t find these cables anywhere online.

elektron is 2.5mm. I have 2.1mm daisy chain cables and they don’t fit into elektron boxes.

Did you try plugging your elektron power adapter (unplugged from the wall) into the icon hub?

2.1mm is standard guitar pedal cable size, like boss pedals etc.

I meant the other way around like I mentioned in the first post.

got it, so you want individual cables that go 2.1 to 2.5? you aren’t willing to use adapters on 2.1 to 2.1 extension cables? I am mostly positive that five spot cables with adapters would work for you. I just bought these (thought I’m in the US) but the concept is the same.

different brand, but as with these. And then adapters like I posted.

These do not reverse the polarity, they are straight through.