2x Digitakt + GR-1 Liveset

These wonderful digitakt’s are still so much fun after so many sessions with it. Definitely my favorite instrument. I have to say thanks again to Elektron for creating this lovely device.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

Here is our first livestream on youtube:

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Keep it up guys. Can really hear this in the club. Do you guys have other camera’s? You know that in OBS you can hook up to 3 camera’s? What are you guys using to broadcast with? Computer? phone?

Where are you guys from? is this a group? I saw that each of you have different cases for the gear… so I’m guessing these are your individual rigs that you are all connecting to play this?

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Thank you very much! Yes we are a group from Leipzig in Germany and play a session every week. We built 3 cases so that each of us can carry one instead of a big one for all the gear. And also i take my case back home after the sessions to use it in my studio.
Yes, we use obs for pc and a standard web cam. At some point we’ll probably step up our camera game. But i find it hard to buy video instead of music gear. :slight_smile: The video quality is really quite bad though.