2x Octatrack live performance "Enchanted Gathering"

I just performed this set on the weekend. 2x Octas, 2x the fun!

Octa 1 is drums (one shots and sliced loops)
Octa 2 is instruments. (Stems - bass, lead/chords, bed). Octa 2’s bass and lead are often “sidechained” by the kick of Octa1 using the midi sequencer and oneshot LFO’s.

Kaoss Pad Quad receives both CUE outputs (mixed) which can have a number of effects applied to them at once.
Kaossilator Pro is used for risers/transition effects etc. I intend to use a spare Instrument track to recreate this kind of action. Sweepable white noise etc.

One track on the Instruments OT is reserved for playing loops of upcoming songs, to create a traditional style dj mixing between tracks. It sounds great, and CUE can be used to preview the loop and re-pitch it if necessary, or apply effects.

This is a significant change to my old setup, and was barrel loads of fun to perform. I had a great time and see this setup as the way forward for me!
Hope you enjoyed the music and enjoyed the insight into my process.
Peace :slight_smile:

Terrific festival set, good ‘n’ heavy. You’da had me dancing :slight_smile:

Curious about what gear you used to create the raw material if it’s not a trade secret.

Thanks glad you enjoyed :slight_smile:

It’s written in FLStudio with many plugins. Favourites include: UHE Diva, Image Line Harmor, Camel Audio Alchemy (RIP :frowning: ) D16 effects - Devastor, Decimort, Redopter, Toraverb. Fabfilter - Saturn, Volcano2, Pro C.
All of these songs are ALL OVER the stuff in that set :slight_smile:
There’s a couple of minor instances of my Arturia Microbrute as well.

Interesting set-up.

How do you synchronise the 2?

Can you play a few tracks on Octa 1 and import / mix in Octa 2 like a midi instrument?