3 aux mixer?

Hi there,
Anyone knows if there’s a 3 aux mixer?
Most mixers I’ve seen have only 2, the only one I’ve seen/found with 3 is the kmix which I own and hate with passion.


There are dozens of 3, 4, 6 etc aux mixers.

What is your budget?
What is your preferred form factor?
How many input channels?
Analogue or digital?
Do you require computer interfacing?

Hmm something I can put on a desk, with 8 inputs or less, preferably analogue, computer not required … Budget in the 1k CAD ?

It will be difficult to find a normal mixer with 8 inputs or fewer but with 3 or more aux busses.

I had a quick look at Long & McQuade’s website and they are selling the Soundcraft Signature 10 for 500 CAD and Signature 12 for 570 CAD, Yamaha MG16XU for 640 CAD, and the Mackie ProFX16 for 650 CAD, and the A&H Zed-12FX for 700 CAD. Would those be of interest?

I’m sure that there are also other models from those and other manufacturers, and you might also find a nice second-hand mixer somewhere.