303 screams

hope you enjoy, enjoyed jamming with the eerie sample :slight_smile:


Very nice! Is it a real tb303 or a clone or vst?

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Its the abl 2 vst with a pattern sequencer emulating the slides then further edited in the sequencer (pain in ass). unfortunately it doesn’t quite cut the mustard the new version has the sequencer built in so that should allow all the tricks.

I had the bass bot id recommend that as a clone over rolands dsp offering.

Glad you liked the track though do you have any music online techno acid house etc?

Thanks for the reply. I had the TT-303 and replaced it with the tb-03 after seeing the spectrum analyser comparison on the adsr channel. This is the only tune I have finished but only started doing this a year ago… https://youtu.be/H0IFbxTKYrc

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got a nice chilled vibe love the stabs that weird lead sound is off but the rest gels well and the mix sounds good on my cans. You on software or hardware?

Lol, yes that weird lead sound was me just learning to use the arpegiator and what an arpeggiator even was on my bsii which provides all key sounds except the stabs which were just standard ones in logic. Think they may have even been called chicago something or other… I kinda liked the annoyingness of the lead sound, but do understand it is annoying! :slightly_smiling_face:

Total setup now is BSII, tb-03’ digitakt, analog heat and mpc live, clarett 8pre and a lexicon mx300 with a cpl of guitar pedals too, overdrive amd compression.

I bought the 8pre cos I had afew more synths earlier in the year as well as a tr8 including volca keys and bass a monologue, microbrute and a minitaur but all gone now.

i need a drum machine and another tb clone and maybe and ot if I decide not to emergrate this year. im happy with software tho it does the job but you can actually mix a track down on hardware real time and just edit. in a computer its drawing automation lines and its pretty dam shite tbh lol

Agreed, cant stand using a mouse to move knobs plus you can only do one at a time so limited for 303 type tweaking where you want to dial the cut off and res at same time for example. I liked the sound of the tr-8 but lack of song mode and only 16 steps was extremely limiting. Thinking I wanna pick up a tr08 soon though with the digi and live both as drum machines prob a bit unnecessary!

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yer just a waste of money iv got a cracking set of 808 samples if you need them. only problem with dt its 8 tracks i wish they did 16. I tend to do allot of editing on the computer to get stems and grain clouds going so im leaning toward the OT a decent mixer with insert and send effects few effects boxes im done.

One line at a time is so true. Iv not seen any good techno out of the DT yet though so im sceptical. its an expensive drum machine 2 korg volca samples is cheaper and they are pretty neato.just two of them and the OT. im torn anyway the mduw was awesome for techno worst thing I sold.

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Always up for a set of roland drum samples specially 808’s right now! Will pm you, thanks!

Yea im not convinced the digi will be the best for straight techno beats Im trusting the live for that though i do think the p locks and cond trigs will be great for perc and b lines!

job done m8 check your email.

yer for drums awesome, but I just use software for loops stick them in the ot hour set easy just pisssed elektron didnt up the dsp bit mean.

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Good job, received thanks!

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