$39 Charo River / Rio USB MIDI Host

Found these on eBay. Low cost alternative to the Kenton Host.

Just got mine in the mail, and it passed all my tests, responding to all 16 MIDI channels, and all 128 CC#s.
Tested with MIDI Fighter Twister, Akai LPD8 wireless, and old LPD8.

Using it to send MIDI from a Class Compliant USB MIDI only controller (Twister) to my Octatrack MK1.

s-l500 s-l500-1 s-l500-2

Very lightweight, and very low profile, as seen next to my already small old 1st Gen iConnectMIDI:

DIN MIDI Out only, no two way input/output. But that works for me.
Supply your own USB power and USB Micro cable to power it.
Mine is working fine off a powered USB 3.0 MTT hub, getting power only at 5v/900ma, using the hub just to keep things simple on my desk. Also tested OK with an ancient Nook USB 5V/850ma adapter.
So just about any 5v USB power adapter would do the job.

Kind of a neat product. He is fashioning them out of USB battery packs, reusing the power board. These are about $2.30 ea on Alibaba. I can really appreciate the hustle and imagination. He’s sold over 50 of them on eBay from looking at all the positive feedback.


As can I, an enclosure alone would cost more, then you’d have too cut the holes etc, great idea!

yep, and already has the power board, USB-A, USB micro jacks.
The power button does nothing, but the LEDs do light up to show the unit is receiving power.

He’s probably got a mountain of 18650 batteries. It’d be interesting to know what creative solution he has for those.

Good little box to have around. I’ve got the iconnect but could use several usb to midi around for “general purposes” as they say.

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It’s my go to now, since it is so low profile and takes up so much less room.
old 1st Gen iConnectMIDI stays in the bag now.

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He’s on Reverb now as well:

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I ordered one because of this thread… and it works great! Also, super fast shipping. Now I can use an older Novation launchkey with my 5-pin synths–nice!

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Probably building his own Tesla with all the batteries. :smile:

Heh, I got a message from him, as he has seen this thread. Said he buys the cases empty. Smart :slight_smile:

He was out for a while but he’s back in business with some hosts on eBay, in white cases


Just ordered today. Also ordered a Behringer touch Mini to pair it with to control OT.
Glad you posted this as I was looking for a cheap Usb to MIDI host.

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