4 voices through seperate outs

For all a4 mk2 owners, I would like to know if it is possible to route all four voices through 1 seperate output or is this not possible and thus when using polyphonic mode you must use the main outs?

all four voices through 1 seperate output : nope.

The Chord (or Unison) in polyphonic mode : notes are sent on as many voices than you need/set… then 1 note by voice you will hear. 3 notes chord will be play on 3 voices separately if you route this 3 voices on each individual outs

When using Polyphonic mode you use the Main Outputs. When used in Hybrid mode (Let’s say 3 voices for chords + 1 for the Bass) You can then get out on it’s individual out the Bass for extra-processing.

A good trick is to set hybrid OSC Chords to match a playing with 2 fingers to make 4 notes Chords… that way you use only 2 voices on the Analog Four and reserve 2 voices for individual outputs like a Bass + Another sound.