49+ Key Keyboard similar to Keystep?

I have my keystep and I really rely on the midi ports, chords, arp, midi clock output and ability to switch channels. I don’t use the CV functionality. I use a keyboard hooked up directly to hardware or my iPad.

I want a larger keyboard that fills the same gap. Any recommendations?

The Novation Impulse and SL MKIII look promising, but I’m not sure how they are to use and if there are gotcha’s about them. Also maybe the Akai MPK 249 or 261? I’d also be interested in an actual synth with this functionality.


the midiplus X Series looks promising!

with DIN midi out and USB midi, nearly the same Lay-out like the Keystep but without the sequencer, instead there are four knobs!

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Huh cool! Are there a built in arp / chord functions? I’m not seeing it on here http://www.midiplus.com/html/X%20SERIES.html

I guess it’s just a traditional midi keyboard, I like the mini series with 61 keys

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I don’t have a Keystep so I can’t directly compare, but I do have a Novation Impulse, . It has quite a nice arp (you can change up the arp rhythms by using the pads, works quite nicely). It doesn’t have a chord mode though. The keybed is pretty nice. However, the SL MK 3 has sequencing, better displays , and a supposedly better keybed, so might be a better option for you with hardware.

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I do have a Keystep and a Novation Impulse as well. I love the Impulse for the Midicontroller abilities and the fact that you can easily configure everything on the device itself. In comparison to the Keystep, there are a few things missing. Chord Mode, Sequencer and the Hold function, which i miss often.

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The MK3 looks nice, pretty pricey and I don’t NEED the sequencers or the controller abilities but I’ll probably still take a look. Maybe someone on here can speak to it.

Ahh, I love the hold function! Such a small thing but I use it constantly. I don’t want to go back to taping down keys!